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We are thinking of heading back to Panama in January, two years ago we did a 10/4 split with the Decameron and the Decapolis and really enjoyed it.We are thinking of trying another split offered by Sunwing, 10 days at the Playa Blanca and 4 days at the Gamboa. Has anyone stayed at either one? I have also read reviews of the Gamboa villas, they seem to be hit or miss. We stopped at the Gamboa when we were on a tour two years ago and the resort, lobby and pool looked beautiful.Any comments?
Hi moemoe

We stayed at the Decameron/Gamboa several years ago. Personally, I loved the villa room we had. Get the upstairs if you choose to take one. The "ambiance" of it is wonderful. The resort itself is, indeed, beautiful. There are trips to go on easily from the Gamboa, as well. We went on a short cruise through two locks on the Canal without taking a whole day for it….but we got the flavour of it and can say we did it! You can p.m. me with specific questions. But there are others here who will also give you great advice/info.

Enjoy your trip!


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