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Was looking forward to a nice 1 week holiday,(we ended up making the best of it,for what little the resort had to offer)
1st off,flight was long enuff so apon arrival stepping into resort(caleta)we got told resort was fully booked and could not get into our room(2hrs later up to our room)got changed an looked for food(inclusive) they jus put the food away. Walkin the grounds wanting to eat,(looking) pool quiet,dirty,swim up bar(closed all week)music around the pool"very little".Activities round the pool(none)saw one water aerobics class. We found food(hot dogs&hamburgers) "plain", no nothing on bugers(not impressed).

April 15th am until April 23 pm(1week)

I wood say average rooms,beds clean,faucets loose in bathroom and shower,wet floor along wall(leak somewhere)?

Restaurants and Bars: Food plain and simple,eggs scrambled with no flavor,patatoes warmed up with no seasoning,chicken didn’t look like it,hot dogs plain ,hamburgers plain. And no food all night long like should be. (all inclusive)?

The bar ran out of beer three nights out of the week we were there. People not impressed.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beaches cleaned in the morning,pool deck dirty,empty cups all over no one cleaning deck til the end of the day when they close the pool,cups end up In the pool making the pool look dirty.

Grounds were kept clean all branches an garbage were cleaned up regularly.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: No activities all week long,only one class water exercises in the pool

30min long maybe?

Other Comments: Like I said we made the best of it: with all the freinds we made,the extra beer we had to purchase and greattttttt sunshine!!!

One more note: all the staff were very friendly and helpful as best as they could understand your language!!

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