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To give context, this is my first trip to cuba and first stay at an all inclusive. I purchased a package through SunWing. To start, here are a list of things you should bring that will enhance your stay ( I will give detail later) : – Cookies – Power Converter and Adapter (they have 220v euro plugs) – Cup (like a travel mug or similar) – A large towel – Extra toiletries – Snorkel and Mask – Photocopy of your passport (Critial) – Canadian $$, not USD – Travel Clock – Cookies There are several hours between meals, and if you just miss the breakfast there will be no food until lunch at noon. After dinner, there are only toasted ham sandwiches. You can fill in the gaps with cookies and chips from home. – Power Converter Some resorts come equipped with american style plugs, but this one does not. You will need a plug adapter and a power converter. A must for charging your camera battery. – Cup Drinks are free and unlimited, but the cups are very small and the service is slow (all bars were understaffed). If you bring your own cup they will fill it with anything you would like! This greatly increases the enjoyment of this resort as the bars are not first come first serve, they are "Loudest are served first". Trust me, bring a big cup. – A Large Towel One per person. With SunWing you get 1 beach towel per person, but sometimes they forget to bring fresh ones, and if you lose their towel that costs 25 CUC. Bring your own towel and use it when your provided one is wet and waiting to be replaced. If you buy new towels for this trip, wash them first to get rid of the little fuzzies that will stick to your wet skin. – Extra Toiletries Like all Cuban resorts, they accept these as tips, as their local supplies are limited in range and qantity. – Snorkle and Mask The resort supplies a free snorkle and mask, but it is a bit stained and dirty, better to bring your own. – Photocopy of your passport When you check-in they take your passport for the night for processing. If you are unconfortable with this, they will take a photocopy. (if you have one) – Canadian $$, not USD USD gets an extra charge of 10% when converted. Canadian can be converted right at the resort into CUC. Keep in mind that the gift shop at the hotel charges an extra 20% (at least) compared to the duty free at the Varadero airport on the way out. (After you pass through security, not the stores in the area where you pick up your tickets). To give an example Havana Club Rum is $11 for the large bottle at the hotel, where it is $6 at the airport. – Travel Clock

Any little plastic clock from a dollar store will do, there are no clocks in the rooms.

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