Playa Coco Reviews – Cuba Hotels – Playa Coco

Very clean, area buildings slightly rundown but they where painting the yellow buildings while we stayed there. Amazing beach, I cant beleive how some canadians treated the cubans at the resorts, these people think they should be slaves and yelling at them because they ran out of rice pudding, some people need to grow up. the resort was much more than expected, every body was friendly, meet garder super guy if you go there you will meet him. Beautiful area, super people, tipe will help you for better service. dont have to tip everyone, dont forget about the grounds people they really appeciate it, smile and hand shake and they give you trinkes to take home even hats.

Your Arrival:
Plane ride was great, going through Cuban customes was a breeze.arrvived at 9:30-10 at nite at hotel, waited a hour for bags, and the went around to diffrent areas, grabbed hamburger at 12:00, dont recommend them hotdogs are fine.

Very clean room, did have musty smell, hot water had to be timed if not it was cool shower, maid was amazing left peso and some dollar store items every day, bed was in closet, Large room, had Ocean view, what a view

Restaurants and Bars: food was better than expected, some times there was little taste but over all was really good,

Lecarts, Japenese awesome, seafood was good, Italian was not bad, Cuban nite was awesome, cuban Barbeque was good. would advice to go to store for bottled water.

Beach was clean, pools clean every morning. grounds had to be cleaned of cups and cig butts every morning, some people are slobs, grounds are amazing for 7 years old

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Went on horse and buggy ride to old farm and beach. Never seen such blue water. went into se Cigar factory and lunch, only problem lot of people begging for cash. Wife talked me into the Spa, great value for money, highly recommended

Something going on everynite at resort

Other Comments: Lots of insect replent, after nite rain, bugs out in morning till it heatsup, did have little stomach problem half way through, Imodium seemed to help. Sunscreen dont forget it, after walking in ocean rince off with fresh water and reapply, willsave you sunburn. People like to put some thing on chairs around pool early to save spots. i hope thay aren’t to mad when I took them off on last day

I cant wait to go back next year, would like to try diffrent places, but i know Oasis Playa and it was great for the wife and I

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