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FIRST TIME IN CUBA and WITH CHILDREN? PLEASE DO NOT SELECT THIS HOTEL IF I WERE YOU. WHY? 1. FRONT DESK (EVENING RECEPTION) – If you cannot speak their language, expect cold treatment. You ask for the bus schedule, they will just point you to the sign. They will only smile at people they like. 2. INDOOR ACTIVITIES – No indoor activities for the kids- we have to spend almost a $1000 CAD $ for outdoor activities. After saving for this travel for almost 2 years and excited to see Cuba,you are not ready for additional expenses because of what you hear from other people telling you there will be a lot of activities for kids and teenagers. BUT NOT THIS PLACE. . 3. ROOMS – We are 5 people, so they gave us 2 rooms. One room with 1 king size bed (2 beds put together) and 1 single bed. Balcony door cannot lock, reported but no one came to fixed. 2nd room with one king size bed, you cannot stay for long because of the smell. Requested for adjoining room, front desk told me they do not have adjoining room. The next day, housekeeping is cleaning next door, guess what I saw………… adjoining room! I’ve asked and they said it is already booked. Requested again to change room , they said fully booked. So we ended staying in one room. 4 people in one king size bed, 1 person in the single bed. Air Con not working properly. Water and power out for 2 day. 4. FOOD – They gave us 3 ala cart dinner which were fantastic especially the Italian food. Buffet…….. once you ate there 3x, you dont want to go again even just eating egg. Everyday they have the same food and you have to wait for a longer time to eat fresh ( I doubt) grilled seafoods and meat. Thank God, my friend suggested to me to bring noodles and thermos just in case kids will not like the food. 5. DINING STAFF, HOUSEKEEPING and GARDENERS – they are so friendly especially our housekeeper, Yanara. 6. POOL – not that great for 4 star hotel 7. BEACH – I would say it’s nice 8. TOUR – pricey but better than just swimming at the pool and beach for 7 days. 9, INTERNET – You have to buy the card and stay at the lobby, everyday cannot connect. I paid for the card and never used. 10. SAFETY and SECURITY – You do not have to worry, you will feel safe even your things inside the room. WARNING! Read the review first before you book the hotel. I know some people are picky, but please believe because they are telling the truth. Do not just go for the price, look also for the activities and fun for your family. As a first timer, I learned my lesson a lot. Read reviews carefully and believe in them. You do not want to spend money for nothing. You work hard for it, you deserve the best. Not perfect but at least something that you paid for.

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