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Playa Sonrisa (PS) made our vacation perfect and it is the highlight of our time away from home! This is paradise, definitely; a jewel hiding in this planet. The setting is beyond excellent. From the moment of our arrival, to the time we departed and anything in between: the meals, the bocce games, and the relaxation on the grounds and on the beach. The best parts: 1) you may spend all your time au natural (except for meals) 2) the connecting bond that you establish with your significant other, and 3) the contact with nature in all senses. By the latter I mean sun, ocean, beach, clean air, fauna, flora and stars. Just imagine the perfect sensation of watching the morning sunrise and the afternoon sunset all au natural. My wife and I had the privilege of recently being guests at PS in December 2009. On one of the nights while there, there was a meteorite shower, and what a spectacle that was, keeping in mind that electricity is turned off at certain time late into the night. I walked by myself to their dock past midnight, lied down on a lounge chair and watched the celestial show. It will be unforgettable. The rooms and their private bathrooms are kept very clean and the quality and flavour of the meals cooked at PS are beyond excellent! Their food and drinks prices are very reasonable too. The setting is totally private and since our windows were open all night, there was no need for using the air conditioning at all. The camaraderie with other naturist guest couples becomes second nature too. Murph and Cindy are fabulous hosts. They are both attentive when needed, and at the same time respect your space and privacy. As primitive and remote as the location of Xcalak sounds, it is very, very safe, including the drive from Cancun, which is not really bad at all. You definitely do not need an SUV to reach PS. I would totally recommend this naturist resort to anyone who wishes to connect closer to their spouse/partner and to anyone looking for a real vacation away from all rushes and electronics of life. We had a fabulous time and the whole experience was definitely worthwhile. We can’t wait to go back. Thumbs up to PS!

Very sparkly clean, comfortable. Private bathrooms are also kept very clean. Although unnecessary, the showers have hot water. Shampoo, hair conditioner and soap are provided. The rooms have air conditioning which was not needed at all during any of our nights as we kept all windows open overnight and there was a nice ocean breeze to cools us down.

Restaurants and Bars::
Continental breakfast is included in the room’s fee. One litre bottle of water is supplied daily to the room. Snacks and drinks are priced very reasonable in the bar and they use the honour system. The food served at dinner is out of this world.

The beach is kept very clean. The ocean waves are very gentle and the depth of the water by their dock reaches shoulder level at the most.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel::
The best activities on this resort are: 1) Total relaxation away from hassles and electronics of life 2) Constant contact with nature (fauna and flora) 3) Enjoyment of sun, beach, ocean and clean air 4) Bocce games, development of a stronger relationship with my spouse and meeting new friends.

Other Comments::
The drive from Cancun is not bad at all. You DO NOT need an SUV to come to Playa Sonrisa. This is the perfect place for relaxation and connecting with your spouse/partner

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