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The hotel Playa Azul has an amazing blue beach view, the water is the nicest thing about the hotel and I can’t wait to come back here. The rooms are basic, they have small fridges and television set and is always clean. It is not a luxury hotel or a five star hotel but you will still get the best and I am rating this hotel to be 4 stars because even though it is not as fancy as others I have been to, they still give their guests the best. The price is very reasonable and they have the cheapest bar you can think of. The bar gives nice drinks and the staff is always willing to serve drinks to you, just leave them a little tip if you can, it makes them remember fast when next you show up for a glass of drink. They have a good restaurant as well, nice set of foods and they taste really good. The room has a balcony that gives you a wonderful and magnificent view of the sea; it is such a nice place to visit. They have got a nice swimming pool as well but the sand at the beach is a little rocky and not so friendly. The hotel has internet service, WIFI to be precise and it is fast enough especially for those on a business trip, for me, I didn’t really need it since I was always out and about looking for where to have fun.

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