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Does anybody have a list of the stores that are in this mall?

From a 2006 post in another site:"restaurants, three bars, two cafeterias, a supermarket, a drugstore, an optician’s shop, a bookstore, a karaoke bar, medical services, a branch of the Banco Financiero Internacional, and also one of the best cigar shops in the country, El Monarca."
Does anybody have a list of the stores that are in this mall?

Don’t think you’ll find a Walmart

One year, we got a free 1/2 day shopping tour to Varadero and were dropped off at this mall. Personally, I found the mall boring….too much like being back home except Spanish was spoken. I much prefered the open air market and there was a large grocery store we went to that was more interesting. As for that "best cigar store", well, it’s all in perception, isn’t it. I hope they’ve changed personnel from the very unhelpful employees that were there when we went in. Such attitude, put hubby right off buying any cigars from them.

We always take a day touring Varadero and stop at the Plaza America to have our pizza fix. Upstairs in a far corner, can’t miss it. View of the beach, cold beer and great pizza. We also got Baileys at the Super market, very expensive but worth every penny. Our resort did not carry it(had the cheap brands) so we splurged. We convinced ourselves that it was our souvenir from Cuba….lol

We visited the plaza on a rainy day and were disappointed in the stores and prices but spent a couple of hours drinking a few beer while listening to a great little Cuban band.

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