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I can not understand how this hotel can have 4 stars, they should not even have one. The only good thing is the location otherwise all the rest was really bad. The breakfast they served is not eatable,the rooms was so bad and the smell in the room was terrible.The bathroom i dont even have words for it!!! The 5th floor should have sun bathing chairs that sounded nice so we went upstairs to relax, what can i say they dont even bother to take care of the place, they dont clean they dont make anything to make it better. We booked this hotel on arrival since they had 4 stars and good location but if you have time please check for another place, dont go here its not worth it!! We have been at a lot of places and seen many different categories of hotel this was for sure the worst ever!!

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Very Bad! In the room we had small insects all over the floors and even in the beds. if you have astma dont stay here because of all the mould, the air is terrible.

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