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What a hassle. I reserved this place from the standard CubaHotelReservations site with my visa for an elderly lady whose first time it was in Cuba. Before she arrived, I decided to show up in person to make sure everything was OK, just in case. Good thing I did. It turns out that not only is there no reservation, but the hotel is booked and that my friend would have to make other plans at the last minute. The lady at the desk was extremely rude and completley unhelpful, actually telling me "it’s not my problem…" Since I still had two days paid for aside from the one that was wasted, I was told to come back and talk to the reservations staff at the hotel as confirming reservations is apparently too complicated a task for regular front desk staff here. So I wasted my evening waiting for my friend to arrive, taking her to a new hotel and checked her in. Then I show up the next morning and waste another hour waiting for the "reservation staff" to confirm my booking. They fail and tell me to call back later. Great. Sometime that afternoon I call and they say that they found the reservation and everything checks out for the next two days and that they would refund the money for the first day. Great… or not. I find out later that after my friend checked in, the desk staff continued to harass her, calling her room and claiming that she need to COME DOWN AND PAY!?!?! Only after several trips down to the lobby and several phone calls did they finally figure things out. And I am still waiting for my refund.

A nice enough hotel… little to far from the center, but what a bunch of WORTHLESS, RUDE, INCOMPETENT FAILURES who work at the reservations and the front desk. It’s a shame, because the place has potential to be a relaxing place to stay. This is the first negative review I have ever written about a hotel in Cuba. I am not one of those anal schmucks who expects the sun and moon for under 100 dollars… but this was ridiculous.

April 21


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Nice pool

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