Price up by $500. from 1 month ago??? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Checked prices for the Gamboa about 1 month to 6 weeks ago for 2 weeks in Feb 08.

At the time, Nolitours was selling it for approx. $2189. for 2 weeks… checked yesterday… it’s now $2680.

What’s wrong with this picture??? Our dollar is way up from last year and all of a sudden…$500.m more??? Obvioulsy, there taking for dummies, knowing that since the dollar is good we’ll travel this winter…Looks like someone is taking us for a ride … and it’s not south!!!

On the other note, the Royal Decameron Beach Resort is actually down in price. About six weeks ago it was going for $1990/single for two weeks. Looking very closely at perhaps going there in late November – early December, it is now going for $1768/single for two weeks.

I have been watching hoping for a reduction also, we finally settled for suites on the green at the Royal Decameron Jan 14-28 $1778.00 for two weeks, with golf included. Still not bad

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