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I am planning on booking our next trip to Cuba thru the new Scotiabank travel service instead of our usual Wholesale travel..or any other discounter because Scotia offers 5% cashback on the package price before taxes/sc. That is almost 200.00 less than any of the discounters online website pricing can meet. There is nothing unusual about the package in that it comes up virtually the same price thru all the usual discounters. I even tried submitting the details to ‘beatmyquote’ and after they clarified the kids age. They eventually emailed back a price that is 50.00pp less than the online pricing but even with that they are still higher than the cashback offer from Scotia travel. I am not promoting any one service over another, just trying to find out if anyone can beat such an offer. I read the scotia details and the third party travel agency they use is the one who pays the 5% cashback. Plus charging it to the Visa gold should capture another 1%.

Anyone have any experience going this route with some other credit card benefits program?

DJ, our Friends J&D have been using the Scotia bank cash back for a number of years and they really like it. I’ll email them your comments / question and see if they have anything to add!

We usually like to look at last minute deals and of course get the best one. ;D

Thanx ald1. I like the last minute deals too but we have been going to this place for 2wks and I don’t think i’ve ever seen a selloff for that duration. They are usually 7 days or less.

TOPIC ON THE SCOTIA TRAVEL – we have used ours for the past 3 years and you can’t go wrong. Last year we went Scotia saw a special with west jet vacation called up the Scotia travel gave her all the info. and we were book as the same price as west jet then less our Scotia points and the 5% cash back on the full price of our trip 2 wks at the royal turquisa punta cana 5* Feb 26 / march12 /2010 royal suite with swim up adult only, private beach area. Butler service. + played at the 4 other resorts beside each otherand when we were at the other resort when staff saw our gold bracelets we got fast service every cant go wrong with Scotia. this year we are planning to go to Jamaica or Mexico and with our points and cash back we are looking to upgrade from our budget planned for next year.good luck and check out the on line special and tell them were they saw it and they will match it or do better.


I guess it would depend on how much your trip is. Based on the cost what we paid to SRLM one week from now 5% really isn’t that much but any savings would be worth it I guess.Is the cash back amount taken off your trip immediately or is there some type of refund policy?

Sorry so off topic.

Scotia rep told me they credit the 5% cashback to your account in 2-3 months. Another advantage is you can use your scotia rewards points to apply to the cost of the trip dollar for dollar. There was one thing that you had to use at least 50.00 in points toward the trip in order to get the maximum 5% cashback otherwise there the 5% didn’t apply to the full purchase price less taxes/sc. Didn’t quite understand the last point but l’ll be sure to use at least 50.00 to maximize whatever the deal is.

We talked with our Scotiabank rep about this service last year. We were told the ?points we accumulated during the year had to be used by booking through their system. Didn’t hear about the 5% off. Instead we took a Mastercard with no fees, 2% to 3% cash back on everything we use it for. $50 cheques in the mailbox every month or so.


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