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Looking at traveling to Curacao this winter.Any suggestions as to the best time to go with regards to price? I gather the weather is pretty constant, we can be flexible about when we go, so just wondering about scoring the best deal.We are looking at 2 weeks, have used the internet in the past to book anywhere from a couple months to a couple days before departure hoping to get a deal.
Starting now, I would suggest checking prices to Curacao daily if possible. We went mid Jan 06 and got a deal to Breezes for $1300 taxes in.. Of course, 2 weeks should be no more than 800 over this. A group that we went with paid almost 1600 for the week. Signature is offering deals now and watch Sunquest via other travel sites.

Good luck and let us know how you made out…

Watch the Sunquest deal of the Day.We were lucky to spot it last year and got Breezes for $720 plus taxes out of Toronto for November.We love Curacao, it’s a beautiful little island and the diving and snorkelling is unbelievable.

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