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Prickly Bay WatersideOn the southernmost island of the Lesser Antilles, perched on a warm, sheltered, Grenadian bay, Prickly Bay Waterside transcends every notion we have of what a Caribbean home can be. Here, unmatched modern home design – with architecture and detailing that one would expect only in the world’s most evolved urban centres – comes to life on this truly unspoiled island: Grenada, where warmth, vivid colour, and real friendliness define every moment. It is a striking contrast: high design of uncompromising quality, on a pristine island, brimming with life.Here is a place where narrow roads wind through a lush, mountainous island landscape, opening everywhere to infinite views of the turquoise ocean. Where cocoa grows wild in the forest, and quaint seaside homes remind us of a rustic Mediterranean village. Where the locals wave hello as you pass, and each interaction leaves you more relaxed.In this setting, Prickly Bay Waterside finds life, a bastion of design and technology that spares no expense in providing luminous surprise and delight – at every turn.When something this groundbreaking appears, it is the visionaries of the world who see it first. It is they who recognize that the purest, simplest experiences in life are the most precious. And it is they who know also that these pure moments are made infinitely more profound when they unfold in perfect elegance.You’ll arrive to the warmth and colour of this island. And make yourself at home in the future of design. Perfectly connected to the world, and a million miles away.Exactly as you’ve envisioned.Situated on the old Boatyard at Prickly Bay – a by-word among yachtsmen the world over for a perfect destination in the Caribbean and one of the points of entry into Grenada.The Prickly Bay Waterside development sits at the water’s edge of the Lance-aux-Épines peninsular in the fashionable southern end of Grenada, less than ten minutes drive from the airport. Prickly Bay Waterside is an adventurous, exciting, groundbreaking development of luxury, hi-tech houses and apartments. Good design is timeless and Prickly Bay Waterside has all the hallmarks of a current and future classic.Mooring will be offered to property purchasers as first right of refusal.Prickly bay is a uniquely styled development perfect for those that seek luxury in abundance and expect the highest levels of service. Tipped as a future classic design, these properties show promising investment potential.New technologies and materials such as carbon fibre, Kevlar and other composites are utilised to ensure the longevity of the build.Grenada lies 150 miles south west of Barbados and is the southernmost of the Windward islands. With a range of mountains at its centre along with waterfalls, tropical rainforest and beautiful beaches, Grenada has a fantastic variety of landscapes along with what are considered to be some of the greatest dive locations in the world.Prickly Bay Waterside has won numerous International Property Awards including:Best Marina Development – CaribbeanBest Development – CaribbeanBest Architecture (Multiple Units) – CaribbeanBest International DevelopmentBest Property Marketing – CaribbeanArchitect: Richard Hywel Evans Architecture & Design Ltd.For additional information and to schedule your site tour please contact:Keith DevenportSales and Marketing DirectorPrickly Bay Waterside LimitedThe Old BoatyardLance-Aux-ÉpinesGrenadaWest Indies+473.533.1943

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