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I have spoken to a number of people who have visited St Lucia and they speak of a gentleman nicknamed "Grandpa"??? Supossedly in a commercial is how he received that name??He takes a small group on a guided tour that coverals several of the "must do" items on the island

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Hi there -If you don’t get any information on "grandpa" we booked with Yason a nice young gentleman who picked us up at the Regency, had a cooler full of cold beverages and took us out for about 6 hours out to see all the sites he thought we should see. Castries, The Pitons, the active volcano, the botanical gardens (we had to pay to get into the volcano for their tour and the gardens). We drove partially through the rainforest. There were 6 of us and he charged us 70.00 per couple (drinks included) We had a clean, airconditioned Mercedes van. He will also take you to the "Jump up" or Fish fry and walk near you and keep an eye on you and return you to the hotel. (You’d have to check the price – he offered this to us but we decided to stay at the hotel).His number is 285-6112. A really nice young man and he is very informative.See you at the Regency.
We booked with Yason in Feb of 2006 because of reviews on line The number given above is his assistants cell phone and not always clear reception. Yason will call you back. We thought he was very polite but we were disappointed as we were rushed. He didn’t have a cooler for drinks and wasn’t intending to stop for lunch telling us his company didn’t want to be responsible for us getting sick.Luckily we had been diving in Soufreire the day before and knew of a lovely place to eat where all the tours go. We we 2 couples in our 50s well travelled and there fore had a lovely buffet lunch. While on the diveboat the Fair Helen we met Ben and Arther who also do private tours for the whole day.I gave their name to a family. They had a great time for less than we paid. Ben ia character and hip and cool a lot of fun especilly with the younger crowd. Arther is a wonderful driver and also very nice and fun and knows wher to take you away from the cruise ships. All in all we had a pleasant day Yason charges 160us per car We understood he is busy with Sandals guests.Ben can be reached at 718-3600Arther at 486-2202 ps. Diving with Fair Helen is excellent an very safe. Vis was great with abundant fish and turtles Great sponges and corals. Hopes this helps


My family and I (6 of us) returned from a wonderful trip to St.Lucia. We stayed at the Windjammer, we thought everyone in St.Lucia were very friendly and polite. We hired taxi driver Jackson of Phillip Tours for a day of siteseeing, this tour was definitely a highlight of our trip, we had a fantastic time. We saw all the sites and felt safe with Jackson. We highly recommend this father and son team, you can find them on-line at

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