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The wife getting dental work done in JanuarySo it looks like Feb for us, since Carnival time starts Feb 15-20 we think it should be a fun time to go.Just need to decide 1 or 2 weeks
Koz: Go for two weeks. Looking at the prices in the next few weeks, it seems pretty reasonable. Two weeks has to be just as good. You guys deserve to get away for two weeks. One week to celebrate Carnival time and another for R&R.


Just checking the net pricingJan 18 $597Might go then

That is a great price

gtown Guest i was thinking feb 15th myself, travelling solo.

Would anyone who’s gonna be down there for that week entertain the idea of going off the resort to check out some local nightlife ??

gtown Guest

I don’t quite understand the rationale of " Noli Tours " I have been playing the waiting game, trying to get a decent price for Feb15. Last week, it was going for 677. The past few days it has risen to 897. Today i checked at 4pm, and it was 937, and now, at 5:30pm, it’s 997. I have called, and they still have at least 12 seats and 6 rooms available. Why on earth are they raising the prices so close to departure time when there are so many empty seats ? No wonder so many tour companies and airlines go under. SHEESH !

I think that if you check other tour agencies that quite often the price closer to the leaving date goes up. I have found that the best price is usually a few weeks before you plan to leave. Often last minute isn’t the best because people will pay the higher price if that is where the have their heart set on.

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