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Read that you just returned did you have any problems at the airport leaving? I have heard through my travel agent, that some are being charged the overweight charges, when they don’t think they are etc.Any comments?

Nice to hear it was so hot and sunny! we are off soon and can’t wait to have our biggest dilema as to which pool, which restaurant, and what to drink! ;D

any info would be appreciated! thanks

Yeah- I know what you mean. I can’t wait til my big decision for the day is choosing between my two favorite drinks- a sexo en la playa or a moreno ardiente. Guess I will just have to have one of each to keep from having to think too much. ;D ;D

Lynnb- have you started packing yet? I am preparing to prepare to pack.


Sexo en la playa – one of my favorite. I think that is all I drank the first week we were there. Anyone need help UNPACKING? That is, when you get to your destination? lol


Hi girls! mmmmm I now know my very first, second and third drink yummm
Oh Vyro, i started that last nite. Thought to myself, lets dig through the summer stuff, get some stuff washed up. Well didn’t I make the mistake of ACTUALLY TRYING STUFF ON!!! Where and the heck did all those extra little rolls come from????? So off to the gym i went today.. and yep the gym is still there As a joke to the DH, i had a laundry basket, and i stuffed it full and i mean full. he came home after curling asked what it was. Said it was my clothes i’m packing to panama!? The look on his face was priceless!But now i have to go back and unpack the 41 outfits I DON’T need…. lolHow bout you? REady to go yet? Got my banking all ready to roll. DH packs last minute. Have to hit the grocery store to get some meds… I’m getting so anxious.

Bebbie, you will come and unpack for me in Panama?! I’ll buy you your first drink!

Lynnb- does it count as starting to pack if your starting to think about it? ;D I kinda have a list I use of the necessary toiletries and medicenes and I am going over that to make sure I have everything. I have my summer clothes still put away but I am off work Thur and Fri next week so I think I will put them out and start washing them and packing them. I could get by with one suitcase but this is a shopping trip for me too so I will pack two suitcases leaving plenty of room for goodies (or Bebbie ;)).I am definately getting excited but also a little nervous. I have done this trip before by myself but for some reason when it gets close like this I start to get butterflies about leaving my hubby and my son. Once I get there I am fine.I know the resort is big but maybe we will run into each other somewhere.Let’s deep up the chit chat about Panama til its time to go- it gets me even more excited!


Yes Vyro, keep a chattin! it gets me going too. If you don’t have full room for bebbie, i will leave some stuff behind and she can ride in my suitcase. Course you have the second one empty…. and how cool is that?! Going shopping, and being able to fill up a whole suitcase!! whoo hoo. I check daily on the temps, can’t imagine 41 degrees humidity. We are arid here in Manitoba, although we do have numerous lakes etc, it will be a shocker to the system. thank gawd there are 7 pools… and the ocean of course!I have post it notes ALL over the place of stuff i don’t want to forget. and now a pile of clothes that i have to try and decide on.

I would luv to try and get together, but like you say, what a large resort. we have never been to one this big before, other than cuba once, but it was 4 resorts combined into one, so very spacious… 16 days…

Sorry to butt in on this thread. I am so excited about our trip to Panama next week. We are staying at the Playa Blanca. You all seem to know where to shop. Can you tell me where to go. We’ve never been to Panama before. I can’t wait to get there. Any advise on where to go, what to buy, what to stay away from?Thanks,


Hi lynnb

I had no bad experience at the airport before leaving. One thing sure is you luggage will be manually check by one of the airport guys while you will wait in line to get your boarding pass. Also it will cost you 20$ for leaving the country. I was flying with Sunwing by the way.

HiMake sure you take the local bus or taxi to Penonome and have some Panamanian food and do some shopping.Enjoy!


hi sunbud, absolutely! If i can pry my lazy butt off the lounger I think that would be a great experience and definately plan too. We are also in the city for the last 4 days and would like to hit a nice panamanian restaurant there also.thanks for the info,

geez i honestly cannot wait! lol

Lynnb- I am excited about the shopping too. Last Feb, I did the same thing. I went down by myself for about 10 days (a week at the resort and a couple of days for shopping) and then when back in the fall with my hubby for a little over 2 weeks. It was great and I am thinking of making it a tradition. My friend in Panama City is like my sister so whe we get together its a blast. One of my goals is get my mom and my sisters to go with me on one of my solo trips and have a big girls out vacation. I like to do most of my shopping in Feb or March so when I get home it’s starting to get warm and I can start wearing to cute shoes and stuff that I bought. I like to have a suitcase so I can bring home cute stuff for mom and sisters too.As far as seeing each other at the resort, you never know. In the last 5 times that I have been to Decameron I have usually lounged in the same spot (or very close) so I am sure you could find me somewhere around there. It is on the beach, near the Altantis restaurant- usually close to the volleyball net (one of my favorite things to do). And I usually find my way to the dance classes right there in that area. I know that probably doesn’t help alot but like I said- you never know.Oh man, I am really starting to get excited about getting to the warm weather and the beach. I can’t believe 2 weeks from right now I will be enjoy a cold cerveza with my friends and getting psyched to go shopping.
ohhh vyro, girls week away and shopping too! how cool is that! I will watch out for you. We will likely be the lost canadians wandering around with cervasa’s! lolI can’t wait to see everything. At least two ppl today approache my hubby and asked him to remember and show them photos. Amazing at how many ppl are interested in seeing panama. look out here come the canadians lol. Between now and then, we have exactly 2 nites free. may end up dumping clothes from the dryer rite into the cases and leaving. We have never gone this late before so will be nice to leave in relatively warmer weather than the -30’s we had all winter. then to return in even warmer weather…. okay now i’m blabbing on.

I was just asking on TA about getting a cab from the front of the RD and going to Los Balbos sp? to do some shopping there. Is there anywhere else we should get to in the city? other than the mall across from the hotel? i will want to get some stuff for my girls there well okay and me too

thanks for the info.

there are 6 in our party, i’m in my early 40’s, bit overweight as per the health standards ;), normally not to loud lol, and hopefully will be wearing a panama hat! one of my first purchases? geez tourists…..

I just got glance at my ticker- 13 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D ;D

Between this weekend and next weekend I will try to get all my packing done. It’s actually not too hard when your just packing for one. I know exactly what I like to take (although I still seem to overpack). I am going to try to go with the minimum this time as I spend most of my day at the resort in my swimsuit with a little skirt over it. It works good for the beach, pool, volleyball and dance class.

I am leaving Kentucky alone but will be at the resort with my friends from Panama City (It was supposed to be me and my best friend from panama for the whole time but her work schedule changed so her parents are going to come with me til she gets off work later in the week). If you really would like to meet me, just go to the towel/activity hut at the Atlantis pool and ask if Veronica is anywhere around- many of the guys that work there can point me out. I really do spend my whole day on the beach in the same area. If I am not playing volleyball or dancing, then I am laying on a lounger with a cold drink, reading a book.

Not long now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my gosh vyro, you sound like me!!! the volley ball, well, i luv the sport but watching my girls is all i get too I will seek you out, if anything we will share a cervasa, check out the eye candy ;), take in the rays and wish that bebbie was with us :)!!can you believe it’s that close! whoo hoo.My hubby is curling tonite in a small town close by. will go and check out his game for a bit knowing i should be home packing SOMETHING… We picked up last year on sale, some inflatable beds that we will bring.

Got the tan lotions out, and everything else i need, and stuff i probably don’t need… i know, it’s a me thing dh just puts up with it.

That’s so nice that your b/f parents will keep you busy until your friend arrives, sounds like a very nice close family to you. and of course, i’m a bit jealous you have someone that close in a place that sounds so wonderful to be able to visit so often. that’s pretty cool.

So i will watch for the bathing beauty, the reader and the sports star and if all else fails, will have someone yell KENTUCKY where n the heck are ya??!! i’ll try not to embarass ya j/k

whoo hoo, keep watchin the ticker!we are still waiting for our tickets from winnipeg to toronto…. toronto to panama have arrived via e mail. it’s about a 36 hour drive to toronto from here, but come he** or high water… lollater

lynnb- you are too cute. I do hope we at least get to say hello and share a cerveza because you sound like a fun person. I do think that I am very fortunate to have my "family" in Panama. Actually if it weren’t for meeting them, I probably would have never thought to travel to Panama and would have missed out on a beautiful experience. I now call Panama my second home. It’s funny because I feel so comfortable as soon as I get off the plane. I think that’s why I don’t mind going down without my hubby.

As far at the bathing beauty and sports star, I don’t know if you look for that if you’ll find me. More like a beach bum and sports attempter. ;D ;D

Only a few more DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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