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Ave. de los Mártires No. 60, Rpto La Vigía

"not all that"
Posted by: dame on Jun 26, 2014
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I want to first say how beautiful a town Camaguey is, not minding that this is one of the shabbiest hotels I have been to, it is a city worth visiting. The location is great but it is far from the city square so it’s kind of not a big deal for me. It’s not true what people say about Cuban hotels, I have witnessed firsthand very high quality hotels in Cuba, the price may be reasonable here but the quality is quite low. I recommend you to get a bed and breakfast instead of this hotel at least you will be fed with good food and given comfortable rooms for your comfort. The first impression I got when I arrived even discouraged me because the reception was a bit untidy and sticky. The place has old looking furniture that had a little bit of charm so I suggest it is upgraded. The rooms are clean but could be better and most of the amenities didn’t work well. I cut my stay short and went to another hotel because I needed to enjoy my holiday very well in a clean and safe environment and this wasn’t the place for me to achieve that. The staff here was absolutely nice to me, they tried their best but it couldn’t make up for the shortcomings of the hotel. If it were only based on service from the staff, I would come back but it will take more than that for me to visit here again.

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