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February 2002Peter

For a wonder beach vacation on beautiful unspoiled beaches, I strongly recommend Vieques, Puerto Rico. The area to stay in, near the beaches and good restruants, is Esperanza and surroundings. There are no large hotels on Vieques. A lovely boutique hotel is the Inn on the Blue Horizon. It is very expensive, $200-300 per night. A nice place to stay is Ted’s Guesthouse (http://www.vieques-island.com/rentals/ted/). Ted rents vacation apartments. Currently (2002), one bedrooms are $65 a night and two bedrooms $100. The guesthouse only contains three apartments, so reserve early.

Don’t stay at the Amapola Inn. It has a nice website but the rooms are more like cells. It is dirty and disgusting, as well as fairly expensive. We stayed there one night and fled. If Ted is full, Tradewinds is very simple but much better than the Amapola. You can also rent houses (though probably not in Esperanza) for as little as $65 a night.

There are good restraunts in Esperanza. We especially liked La Sirena, a new place with a French owner ($15-20). The restraurant at Tradewinds is also excellent (similar prices). the restaurant at the inn on the Blue Horizon (Chez Michael) is supposed to be wonderful, but it is very expensive, about $50 a person. There are more (and cheaper) restaurants in Esperanza that may also be good, and the restaurants in the main town of Isabel Segunda are supposed to be good and much cheaper.

There is also a WONDERFUL bakery in esperanza. Be sure to ask where it is. it is not on the main street but it is just a short walk away.

You’ll probably want a car on Vieques. It is large and there is a lot to see. Small jeeps rent at $35 to $50 a day. If you stay in Esperanza you can walk to many of the beaches so you might just get a car for part of your stay.

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