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After watching discount sites for 2 months and seeing many of my preferred destinations fillĀ  up or drop off, I booked today for Jan 18th.Ole Playa Blanca on Cayo Largo. I was there 4 years ago and,although the place is dead quiet, I had a good time. Warm weather, 8 minutes from the airport, nice rooms and Playa Sirena. I’ll take a stack of paperbacks and veg for a week. Any specific information wanted?John.
I think you made great decision. You will have great time on the one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Nice! I am jealous
They say the beaches are bigger than ever this year. January is nice because there are almost no mosquitos or flies. A north wind is completely blocked by the coral berm and the sea can be as smooth as glass.

Wish we were there too. Have fun!

I have been watching the past few months for Feb deals, and havent seen much. Gotta book when you see something you like and happy with the price!

I guess I booked wayyyyy early!

We are going to PB in April….only 94 days away. We go to Playa Blanca every year. Never had a bad experience!

Just booked as well. Going to the PRDO in Holguin again in early March. We were hoping that prices would drop but after our preferred date dropped out we decided to book now. Looking forward to warmer weather, it’s -30 here today.

Leaving Sunday for Luna y Mares too but it’s booked since September. Can’t wait to leave the cold. I think 1 week won’t be enough this time though.

We are leaving terminal 3 at 10am on Air Transat.(my first time with them). I’ve heard SSOOO many good things about AT and the leg room!

If you are there at 0900, I will buy you a coffee! Look for me just past security, I will be wearing a red Hawaiian shirt.

I booked early for this summer….I booked in Sept/2014….but that was for a wedding…got a great deal though..lolBut I want some cheap deals now when its cold!!

Air Transat is great everytime I used them…at least their big planes were nice….sometimes they charter other ones I think..

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