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Did a trip to the Yucatan back in May staying at the El Dorado Seaside Suites and rented a car for a week of our 2 week visit. Though we’d strike out for a drive down to punta allen as I did a bit of reasearch before hand. Thought it might be kewl to see the penninsula and how narrow it gets between the sea and the biosphere. I must say that I’m used to dirt roads, rough roads etc. being in road construction and living on the farm for years, but this road even for the most patient is pretty brutal. The stretch from Tulum to the Bridge crossing the biosphere is bad, but bearable, the final portion from the bridge to Punta Allen is brutal. We had a nice nissan xterra with A/C and all the comforts, but even that didn’t ease the pothole dilemma. It took us 2hrs of hard driving to get from Tulum to Punta Allen (40km’s)…..lol. After a while you gave up trying to avoid the potholes and just rammed through them as fast as you could go, which was mostly about 20km hr… By the time we got there we were too burnt out from bouncing around to enjoy anything except have a couple beers and head back. The town is kinda nice, beaches are mostly overgrown with the vines that grow down there and the water colour is quite different, but outside that there’s nothing to really see unless you go on the biosphere tour. We didnt’ bother. So that made it 4hrs of relentless bouncing for a a couple beers and a little walk down the beach. At least I can say I’ve done it….lol, but wouldn’t do it again…..I do have to forewarn anyone even considering the jeep tour there to not touch this trip with a 10ft pole as we seen the groups of 4 people in a jeep CJ or equivalent with soft top, no A/C and they were literally covered in dust from head to toe when we saw them stopped on the side of the road after following them for quite a while. The road is very dusty and our outside temp indication was 38C in places……I’m sure the gals really enjoyed that trip…….If you could do a boat tour from the bridge or Tulum or something I’m sure that would be much better than driving. Really wish we would have just spent the day on Tulum beach where we stopped for beers and eats after the ordeal. That stretch of beach is absoulutley fantastic with lots of places to eat and drink at along the 6km stretch of beach. But what the hey, at least I can say I’ve been to the southern tip of the yucatan penninsula…lol.


OH come on now. My wife and I booked a Jeep tour of Punta Allan. We had a fantastic time.
And Punta Allan is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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