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The first pleasant surprise is when Mike came in about7 or 8 minute early in a new air conditioned passenger van that holds 4 to 6 people. From then on for the next 6 1/2 hours Mike poured out information on the country, it’s people and politics. We got to see farmers in the cane fields,people in the downtown Higuey market and even the more modern shopping super store. We got to experience sitting in a sports bar quenching our thirst while the local "Domino Masters" tried to let us win a game. The school Mike supports is growing slowly through his direct and indirect funding and it is easy to see the teachers and students all admire his commitment.

A very personal and enlightening tour.

Other Comments:
Book early as mike and David are constaantly booked ahead.

Videos: http://puntacanamike.webs.com/tours.htmhttp://

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