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Let me start by saying I’ve read this board and other travel board for years, and realize the value PC Mike ads to both boards with info, insight and great work he does in the community. My comment is on his business and our experience with it.

In April of this year, we booked a tour with PC Mike and were greeted by David (his first day on the job) who gave us a wonderful 1/2 day experience. A bit of a disappointment initially to book a “personal” tour and not get the “person” you had thought – however…it was a good day.

Booked again with Mike in October for Jan with the caveat that the tour be with Mike personally – the longer, full day tour. Confirmed by email just prior to departure. Should note, that email used was my work email as the trip was a Christmas surprise.

On booked day, we are waiting in the lobby of our resort – no Mike. So I call, leave a vm; then send a text. Mike calls back, has hurt his back and tried to let us know by email (which I had no access to in DR); our tour is canceled. Needless to say we are disappointed (again). Mike offers to try to re-book, will call us later in the day. We only had one day left on the island. Never heard from him, called again later, Mike asked me to call back around 7pm – called numerous times, just got his vm. Must say we expected that a message would have been left at our resort; or a call to the resort the morning of the tour (we were the only ones left in the lobby waiting).

So…I totally understand sickness, injury can change plans. Just be aware that when booking with a small company, this is a chance you take. Buyer beware – large or small, tour companies can disappoint. ( Likely didn’t help that while our family was waiting for an hour in the lobby the morning of pick up we saw all the “big” tours come and pick up. In fact one couple missed the pick up and a call was made, a car showed up to pick them up)

Lack of communication was very frustrating and lack of tour of course disappointing.

From what I read, the tour with Mike is great. We seemed destined not to find out.

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