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What was it like bringing your infant? We are nervous about either forgetting something and especially about the formula thing. We were going to buy the ready to serve formula but have never used it before. We don’t want to short change ourselves on it and not have enough. Our son will be 3 or 4 months old when we go and how do we protect him more from the sun/heat if you can’t put sunscreen on a infant? any info on your experience will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

We’ll be taking our son in March to Cuba. He will be 8 months at the time. Here are some of the suggestions I’ve been given:We’ve decided to take 2 cans of powdered formula and ask the maid for extra bottled water every day. We’ll tip her nicely on the first day with a note requesting the water.Keep your baby in the shade. Does your resort have palapas or can you rent umbrellas? If not, I’d recommend getting yourselves a sun tent for your little one.I’d also dress your infant in light colored long sleeves and a hat.If you have to use sunscreen, just use a bit on the face and hands. Choose one that is made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These ingredients sit on top of the skin and are not absorbed. Try to find one that is chemical-free.Bring LOTS of extra diapers. He will most likely go through more with the heat and they may be hard to find or expensive to buy at your destination.Your stroller can be taken right to the gate; they will have it ready for you when you get off the plane.Don’t forget dish soap and maybe a travel kettle for boiling water for washing bottles, etc. If you don’t take a kettle, use bottled water for washing.I hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation.
Be careful with the ready to serve formula. Our son (5 months old) gets constipated when he drinks it. I’ve been told by an number of people the same thing happens to their young children. Throw in some foreign food from mom (if breast feeding too), bugs, and hot climate – and you HAVE A SICK BABY, which is no vacation ! If it was me, I’d stick to the powdered formula which is less expensive and easy to pack.

I would also be sure to take medication for every ailment possible (of course with the approval of your pediatrician), for pooping too much; pooping not enough, teething pain, Kid’s Tylenol, etc. As well, make sure all baby’s shots are up to date, as the local kids probably will not have the same vaccines.

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