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My husband and I are planning on staying here in Feb. ’08. We would like a room in one of the towers with the bigger balconies. Can anyone explain to me where about on the property these buildings are located. I tried looking at it on google earth but it is difficult to figure out. Can anyone tell me the order of the towers ( i.e. tower 1, 2, 3, 4) from right to left (as if you were looking towards the resort with your back to the ocean)Also, where is the disco located because I would prefer a room where the disco won’t keep me up into the early morning hours.Any help is appreciated.Thanks

OK. if your back is to the ocean, then the towers would be to your right…. about a 5 minute stroll to the main buffet area and Disco. There is a lot of animation at that end of the resort (tower area) during the day!
Enjoy…We Did!

Is the 4 storey building first then the 6 story on the very end? Also, did the Decameron hotel expand the pool so that it is front of these new buildings?

There is a large pool area in front of the buildings at this end of the resort. We did take pics and posted them. this area is the active pool area with a stage and pool games etc. hope this helps.


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