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I just read a review of Decameron on a different site and they mentioned something about paying extra for lobster at the catch of the day seafood restraurant. To anyone going soon or who has just returned, do you know anything about this? I have never heard of having to pay extra at Decameron for seafood and was wondering which restaurant they were refering to,maybe El Canel. I did not visit El Canel on my last couple of visits (most recently in October) but didn’t hear anyone mentioning this extra cost.Well, just a question if anyone has an answer.Gracias!!!!!Veronica

We ate at the El Canal three times last year. There was nothing on the menu that they charged for. There also was no lobster on it either. I am sure they would either be talking about Pippa’s or the little restaurant just down the road ,about a 1/4 mile from lobby three, going towards the village. I will be there in less than 2 weeks, so I should find out if it is being offered on the Resort.

Please do ref, I would be interested in treating ourselves one nite! and don’t forget to come back on and let us know how your holidays went!

Hi: Lynnb you really have to experience Pippa’s restaurant. It is down the beach a ways towards Playa Blanca resort. Excellent food and atmosphere. You sit at tables right on the beach. Really good wine too. Bebbie

walking distance correct?
I think that sounds great. While we were in Cuba we had the opportunity to visit someone’s home, who took our order and we returned a few nites later for supper. We had fresh lobster caught for us during that few days! wonderful and the atmosphere was fantastic. An experience we will cherish

I know Bebbie has been to Pippa’s, so she can tell you about the food and atmosphere. I have only been there for a beer on my walks. I understand the other restauraunt just behind the resort is also very good. My wife and I went down for lunch our last day there, but they had closed about 10 minutes before we got there. I will definitely get there this time, especially if they have cut back on the number of times per week that you can go to the al la cartes. When I get back, I will let you know if the resort is offering Lobster.

I checked the review and they said exactly that the new catch of the day restaraunt at the resort offered lobster for $11 more. I am going to ask one of the guys that works at the resort next time I see them online what restarant they could be referring to. Until then if you find out anything refchief, please post. Also have a great time.I always plan on going to Pippa’s but then get busy doing other things and forget to make my way there. Maybe I can get there when I go in March.


I will definitely let you know if I find out anything. Once I am there, I will post on here for you the info. I usually buy a couple of internet cards while there. I usually like to e-mail back to the guys at work and let them know how hot it is and how good the rum is !!!

Hi Veronica, I read that same review and wondered the same thing. Guess I will have to wait and find out for myself. Refchief will be leaving on the day we arrive. I will be watching on here hoping he will post letting us know. (Please do refchief)Has anyone gone into town to use the internet cafe? I read a review stating this and I wonder where this place is. Would it be in the near by village? Not sure if the resort has put in more computers with the expansion. There were only three to use before the expansion and it wasn’t always easy to get on one, let alone if they were all working. I know we’re on vacation, but still like to stay in touch with home. I think emails have replaced postcards – ha ha.
There was another computer in lobby 3, so that makes 4 total. I wish they would install wireless because I travel with my laptop and it would be great. I use email to stay in touch with home also, it is so much easier and quicker. I don’t know exactly where the internet cafe is but I will try to find out.Wow, you guys will be in the warm sun before you know it. I can’t wait to get back myself. (Although I do have a few winter pounds that I want to shed before I head back so I will try to use my remaining time to work on that.)Veronica

One week and counting now till I arrive in Panama. I will let you guys know about the lobster. I found last year that if you went to one of the lobbies in the middle of the afternoon, you could normally get a computer. I used it at night a few times, but found them hard to get on as other people were also waiting.

Are you able to use your laptop online while at the resort? Is it a dial up connection? My husband wants to bring his, but I didn’t think it would work and would probably be very $$.
I was not able to use my laptop to access the internet. I just used it to download my pictures and make music CD’s. Just access the internet through the internet kiosk in the lobbies. I even ask the guy in the lobby if there was a way I could hook up and he said no.


Veronica: Have you found out yet if there is an internet cafe in the village?

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