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I’ll be arriving in Coco in about a week. This will be my 3rd year going there. Last year we were delighted to see a Topo that was sponsered by Grupo Mapache. Do you know if it will be repeated this year? I’m also wondering how the tourist season is looking this year. Last year seemed very slow which was just fine with me. I can’t wait for my first day of pura vida! Thanks for any reply.

Mapache hasn’t been sponsoring as many events lately but often small towns in the area will have fiesta’s & Topo’s. The tourist season as been good and Coco is very busy. Construction everywhere, new malls, hundreds of new condo’s, villas and commercial centers.
You will notice "huge" changes when you visit next week.

Thanks for the response. When left last year it looked like there were new things happening accross from the super market and new stuff being built on the hill going to Ocatal. I can’t wait to get back.

There is an all week Fiesta in Santa Cruz this week…..only 1/2 hr drive from Coco.

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