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I was just wondering if anyone who has been to Decameron recently (last 3 months) had noticed a diffence since their previous visits?I was there in Sept of last year and am heading back in April of this year. I have seen some posts and reviews saying since new management has taken over that their have been some changes and not in a positive way. I would just like some feedback from other repeat visitors.


Hi Vyro:Can’t recall that I saw any differences from previous visits. Curious to know what you have read. Bebbie

**One thing has improved: the wine they serve at the buffets!

My husband and I went back for a second time for 2 weeks in January. We enjoyed it as much as the first time. We origionally went in November 2005. They now have three breakfast buffets and lunch buffets instead of two, and two dinner buffets and a la cartes as well. We found there to be even more food selection then before. They had another pool, more bars etc. Loved it, can’t wait to go back again
Bebbie- just saw a few posts about differences in customer service and actually a reveiw from a repeat visitor (11th visit) that was negative (all credited to change in management= which my friends had told me there were some management changes going on). They didn’t go into details but said they would explain more later. You know that I, myself have been there many times (actually getting ready to make my 10th visit to Decameron- 13th to Panama) and I have never had any problem at the resort. As a matter of fact, I was just there in October of 2007 and didn’t notice any major differences in service but I was just wondering if it was a very recent thing. Also I have made so many relationships at the resort that I thought maybe I was just prejudiced about the service and entertainment. Appreciate the comments. Thanks


Heard that the resort is under new ownership, but it didn’t affect us personally. I wouldn’t have known the difference otherwise.

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