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You said you have been to RIU Negril and was just wondering how you liked it? The last time we were in Jamaica we were in Ocho Rios. Are the rooms nice and what building would you reccommend? Heard they have no elevators, but we usually like the 3rd floor cause it’s quieter. We’ll be there the beginning of April and can’t wait!!!
Hi ManaYes we stayed in Riu Negril the last two weeks in November last year, we had a great time and have booked to go again on 17th May for two weeks, and my Mum and stepdad are going on the 10th May for two weeks, so you can take it from that we had a good time. It was our first time in jamaica but we have been to cuba, Dominican, and St Lucia, and we throroghly enjoyed Jamaica.You are right they do not have elevators but we had a ground floor room in Block 3, this is a short walk about 5 mins even with two young children so not too bad and is quite nice, we have asked for this again as it was quiet. Block 1 ius nearest all of the amenities and as such would probably be the noisiest even thoguh the resort never seemd that noisy, but we were in bed by 11 due to having the kids. The choice on blocks is therefore down to you, I would suggest that you ask for a room at the beach end of the blocks as there is a road the other side and not too sure how noisy that would be.I am sure you will have a great time, just remember chill out and have fun you are on holiday.If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, and I will be happy to give you my opinion.


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