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The first thing to know about this hotel that may entice you is the fact that they have a free shuttle ride to the city, that feature got me too. The food was healthy because breakfast was basically fresh fruits, cheese, sausage and fruit juices, sometimes even bacon are added, it was a nice experience. If you don’t mind the price, the drinks here are great, I didn’t mind because I didn’t want to go out to look for drinks so it was good. The staff here understood English, they spoke well enough to communicate and answer questions so there was no communication problem. The hotel is located in a quiet location but that doesn’t mean a thing because I wanted somewhere that wasn’t rowdy where I can have a nice and quiet holiday and this was the place for me. The hotel has great facilities that you can explore while staying at this hotel such as a large beautiful pool, a nice looking spa and a great gym to go work out in. They have excursion options that you can book for if you want to. The rooms are clean and nice, the beds and pillows are quite comfortable and clean, it didn’t smell funny like other hotels I have been to in Cuba. The breakfast is the reason I wake up every morning, I know how that sounds but I really had a great time staying here. Whenever I am in town for anything, this is the hotel I will visit.

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