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It was a nice place to stay in Puerto Plata, a charming traditional property where one can spend his or her entire holiday and not think of moving, I had a great time here and I look forward to coming back here for more of the Dominican Republic traditional feel. The house is surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and the entire house and its surroundings are clean. They have the best cook in this Ranchon, the lovely kitchen experiments makes me want to come less than the time I planned because every food I munched in this house was very tasty and I never had a bad meal day. This ranchon is built of local woods and royal palms which make it look beautiful, it makes you experience the true Dominican Republic life and I loved every bit of it. The Ranchon is the closest and nearest accommodation you will find close to the Damajagua waterfall so it’s a pretty convenient place to stay while in town. The property is big somehow because I see it like a 10 acre farm house that is surrounded by thick jungle and fresh streams. The gardens and the entire house is cared for by the owner so it always has this beautiful view that would make you not want to go back home. It is the best place to be at when you are looking for something to give you nature and also the DR life all in one place. I recommend it to you.

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