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There is no doubt that Rancho San Vicente is set in a stunning location, with the sixty or so small cabins dotted amongst trees and other vegeatation, with chickens and turkeys roaming freely pecking for food. However, because it is in the valley floor there is little or no view from the site, but it is a lovely quiet location. The air conditioned cabins were clean, the bathrooms adequate with plenty of hot water, and the beds were large and fairly comfortable. The rooms were fairly small with little other furniture, besides a double wardrobe, although there was also a large television showing no English channels apart from intermittent coverage from MUFC! The small pool, which was alongside the bar and restaurant, was kept clean, but it was also made available to locals, and sadly the clearly advertised site "rules" that it should only be used between 9.00 and 7.00 were not enforced. This meant that each evening it was not possible to enjoy the ambience of the location because there were screaming local kids in the pool until after 9.00pm each night. Most of the staff spoke no English at all, and given that during our four day stay the predominant language of those visiting was English this seemed disappointing and short-sighted. The food was genuinely poor. Most evenings the only evening meal offered was a multiple choice buffet,- the easiest and cheapest way to feed people, but the quality of the food and the range on offer was really only two star. Breakfasts were no better, with no fruit juice on two days, few cereals and limited hot food. The biggest disappoitnment though was the quality of the staff. The waiters did not seem trained for the job, upto half a dozen dogs, and nearly as many cats were allowed to roam free in the restaurant during meal times, scratching and begging for food, and the bar staff were uncommunicative and non-smiling. It appeared to lack management, and it certainly lacked properly trained staff. My wife and I stayed for four night, and a group of about 20 Germans stayed a smiilar length of time, but several coaches stopped at the site daily, dropping people off either for lunch or for dinner and a one night stay. So perhaps it was the frequent turnover and short average stay of the guests that led to the staff seeming to have little or no interest.

My rating would only be 2 star, but with better staff and better food it could be very significantly better.

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