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Good afternoon. I will be Cozumel and have a few questions regarding paying in US Dollars vs. MX Pesos. I have red a few different reviews on this and I am not sure which makes more sense. Any thoughts? I realize that credit cards are widely accepted and my credit cards do not charge international fees. Do you have any other information regarding taking a cab from the resort back to the airport on departure? We did not opt for transportation when the vacation was booked.

I’m not sure if you know that Cozumel is an island just a few miles off of the Mexican coast mainland. You would have to take a ferry boat from the port island of Cozumel to Playa del Carmen. Then you could take a taxi directly to the airport.
If you have US dollars on hand already, you can use that. You are better off exchanging to Mexican Pesos from Canadian. It is not a wise idea to exchange from Canadian to American and then to Pesos. You will be losing money on the exchanges. Credit cards are acceptable too.

I would usually just go on the ATM machine and pull out money in Mexico. I would get Mexican pesos and I was able to use it anywhere I wish! Never had problems. Playa del Carmen has all kinds of banks as well. Just do not buy Mexican pesos in Canada if you are Canadian as most exchange places in Canada rip you off. I learned my lesson and the best rate I got using ATM in Mexico. Hope this helps! P.S. Just notify your credit card company or bank that you will be traveling and using cards on ATM etc ..

Hopefully you’ve not left yet! Use pesos where you can. Places can and do set their own US/MX exchange rate, and it’s never in your favour. The peso is down agains the US dollar right now, so it’s safer to stick with it. Use bank machines on the island to get your money. Use REAL ones, not the stand alone money stealers along the road. Mega and Chedraui have a few to choose from, and there’s a branch of Scotiabank in the pedestrian walkway, IIRC. HSBC is good too.

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