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I am renting a house near the Barcelo Palma Real resort. I would appreciate hearing back from anyone who knows the Roma area of Honduras. I have never been to Honduras before ,but have traveled throughout the Caribbean.One concern I have is safety. I don’t want to spend 2 months in an environment where I always have to be worried about my well-being. I am retired and at 58 I don’t desire being adventuresome and reckless. I have been there and done that! I am searching for a country to chill out, relax and enjoy nature. Does anyone know if there are direct flights from Canada (Toronto) to La Ceiba airport? Are there any Canadian banks near Roma?Anyone know what they charge to rent a car/taxi ( in Lempira $)Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards, Allan

Hi there saw your review. I have been to St. Lucia 4 times over a period of about 15 years. When I first went there in the early 80’s St. Lucia wasn’t well known and had just a few resorts. The locals were very friendly and the place was safe as well. The scenery was terrific and parts of st. lucia still are. If you ever go make sure to go into the rainforrest region it is fanastic..but bring hiking boots. Sadly due to hurricanes, over developement, closure of several resorts things have changed in st Lucia. The locals harbour a lot of resentment towards tourists and they make it very clear to everyone. I have a friend who owns a up-scale resort there so I know what is happening there. I get up-dated often. Do NOT rent a car there!!! There are no posted speed limit signs and the locals drive like they have a death wish. Of cousre like many Carib islands the road are in poor condition/terrible pot holes…but when you couple this with drivers that drive very fast and are aggressive..well you are taking your life in your hands if you rent a car there!!! Also there have been more and more tourists getting robbed/beaten as well. As far as marine life…well since st. lucia stores oil for ditribution throughout the Carib..they have had some oile leaks which has resulted in a great impact on fish, shells and coral reefs.Is is so sad becaus about 10 years back i had plans on building my retirement home on that island. I have written St. Lucia off of my list. Now that is not to say you can’t have a nice vacation there. Especially if you stay at the resort and by the pool.If you need more details let me know.

Sincerely, allan

I been to Nassau and other Bahama Islands..what would you like to know? There are lots of things to do in Nassau..Casinos, the straw market..duty free shops, Paradise Island ( you can walk/take taxi there) it has Casinos, Vegas like shows.Where are you staying and what are your interests. I’ll be glad to provide you with details and other web sites.

Cheers, Allan

hi again Ella! We stayed at was called beach chalets. Right on the beach. Sadly the place was sold a while back to the Rex chain and they have made several changes including the rooms as well . So I can’t offer much info on the Club rooms…I can say this i am not a big fan of Rex hotels/resorts.I am familiar with Galley Bay it is definitely superior to The Hawksbill. But the HB was a small resort (it use to have just 82 rooms) with gorgeuos grounds and 4 beaches..but perhaps the tranquility has gone with the new expansion/ownership. If you are a pool person find another place. If you like the beach this is your spot in Antigua. Let me know how your trip went. I might go back there next year or go to Barbuda or….Cuba. just got back from Cayo Coco it was very nice!

Cheers, Allan email: [email protected]

Hi Ella! Had to respond since my nana’s name was Ella 2!I have been to the Hawksbill12 times but the last time was a few years ago.I travelled to many islands in the caribbean and even sailed there for 17 mths but thats a different story.As with any resort or vacation it all depends on what one is looking for.Here what the Hawksbill is: 3 star…if you want luxury then forget this resortsmall resort…mostly european visitorsbeautiful lush grounds4 beachs…1 clothing optional and rarely used…lolgreat swimming right at the resort including a coral reef you can swim to…be careful of sea urchins..some visitors have stepped on them and it’s very painful and can ruin your vacation…just wear aqua shoes or flippersstaff are very friendly, helpful,and efficient which is rare in a lot of resorts in the Carib.Food is good if you like seafood you’ll be happy…but its not the Ritz!If you want lots of action/nightlife,etc this place may not be for youIf you want a tranquil, relaxed placed you found one of the best.I could go on and on.Provide you with lots of info if you like. Food is very expensive like most Carib places so would suggest all-inclusive or MAP plan.Let me know what other info you want.Sadly after a ruff divorce I can’t afford to go this year…but maybe next year!Cheers, from a guy in Ontario….ALLAN
Hi!I have been to Antigua in May to see their world famous sailing regata. I have not been there in June tho. As twotravelers said, Antigua always has a nice breeze. Summer Temps. should be in the mid-80’s. Since it usually showers lightly for 20 to 30 mins. mid-day it never gets real hot in Antigua and that breeze sure helps too! In may with the higher winds a jacket sometimes comes in handy in the evening. Bring along bug spray.I have been to Antigua on many occasions so if you want more info…let me know!

Cheers, Allan

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