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You mean to rent catamaran so that you can sail on it alone? I believe only Cuban person who is licensed must be with you and he or she must be the one in control if I am not mistaken.

Definitely it will not be as hot as now or in summer but there will be much warmer than in Canada. I was in Cayo Largo for example in December and weather was fabulous but it is not always rule. You can expect some winds and clear sky.

Welcome back
Can’t wait to hear how was your trip!
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I am glad that your agent sorted out things for you. At least you escaped cold weather and snow

Perfect weather down south right now. Just came back from short trip and weather was fabulous. Hot and not humid. Enjoy

GoPro Photo – Cayo Largo

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

Lucky you I guess you got some last minute deal. This time of the year is the best for last minute deals Ok September is excellent as well!

No inexpensive SIM cards available.Rogers used to exclude Cuba on the their international plans, Telus (for once) works like a charm.Cheers,


Telus does have the best prices for roaming in Cuba. Others now provide plans as well and if you plan to use cell phone in Cuba the best way is to buy travel pack from your cell company before your go on your vacation.

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