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Que Rico it was funny to watch this video how to make Cuban Coffee taka taka time. I already was thinking that thread will be about TAKA TAKA TEMAZO DE VERANO Cuban song from Italy
I will have to try to make coffee this way
For anyone travelling to Cuba with large amounts of USDs or for repeat visitors with local connections it’s easy to exchange USDs with no 10% surcharge because so many Cubans are now keeping their savings in USDs instead of CUC.Cheers,Terry Thanks for clarifying exchange of $US to CUC for tourists. What about Cubans can they go to the bank and exchange $US to CUC? I believe not!?
While not exactly haut cuisine, I love churros (4 CUP), batter deep fried and covered in coarse sugar. This is from la Boca near Trinidad,

Fried sweet potatoes are also good.

That looks yummy and like you said if it covered in coarse sugar can be really good desert. Not great calorie wise as its fried and sweet but on vacation is good

We usually take a ziplock of flavored and natural tea bags on trips and add them to bottled water and bar drinks for a no-cal solution. Green tea and white rum is a favorite.

That is perfect antioxidant alcoholic beverage

I’m going to bring single serve packets of Crystal Lite. I really started to enjoy vodka and soda after a few days of heavy sugary drinks when we were in Mexico. This time I’ll go prepared and have the Crystal Lite to add a bit more flavour and still keep it light.

Soda Vodka is great with ice and squeeze of lemon juice

Wages of some tourist workers are going to be increased. Who needs to get raise in Cuba is teachers, doctors and university educated workers not really waiters and bartenders in the resorts who get tips anyway.

Does anyone remember when they stopped exchanging US dollars? It was not over the night if I remember and I believe that monetary change in Cuba will be at slower pace which means at least 12 months will be given for people to exchange CUCs or CUPs.

During the cold winter days in North America and Europe most of us chop some wood for fireplace or to heat up living room etc .. ok maybe not many of us as we use gas but still this video shows how fast you can chop wood with new axe invention. Finnish VIPUKIRVES/LEVERAXE is a precision tool for splitting firewood:
Don’t laugh but I had some of the best pizza at the Marina in Cayo Largo! Freshly baked by Gustavo.

However I think Spunky’s Flan will be on the dessert menu this weekend!

That pizza is very good and it is because of the cheese that they put on pizza and taste so good. Last time waiter was so busy that she did not serve us as she was on the bar all the time but Gustavo made effort and baked pizza and served for us and he is the one that got tip

Pork chicharrones are sold throughout Latin America and made by butchers to use off cuts of pork and fat that couldn’t be sold at a top meat price. The trick to making excellent chicharrones is to mix the pork with a very small amount of evaporated milk to develop a light golden crust while frying. You got it! But not just through Latin America but through many countries in Europe. I had a chance to eat them in Germany as well and other European countries.
They look delicious. I like to eat unhealthy food when I’m on vacation. I work it off when I return home.

Cuban chicharrones will be perfect treat for you than while you are in Cuba They usually have them at resorts once or twice per week. Most people do not know what it is and they do not take it and I always laugh and eat it as those are tasty. I like healthy food as well but treat such as Cuban chicharrones I do not skip

Some of our members are smokers and some are not. We know that in Canada and most western countries smoking is not allowed anymore in restaurants, clubs, at work etc while in Cuba many people smoke and are allowed to do it in the clubs, restaurants etc. How do you feel about it? I personally grow up like most of us in the environment where smoking was allowed and I am not smoker but I got used to smoke around me. I do feel much better now as I can breath clean air while I have food in my favorite restaurant but when I go to Cuba I buy couple of Cuban cigars and I smoke it there just for fun. How do you feel about cigarette and cigar smoking in Cuba?

We are here now, day 10 of a 14 day visit………cannot say enough about the place……it is just amazing……food, service and helpful staff. We are having a ball…….

I am glad that you enjoy it as I loved it as well maybe one of the best places in Mexico to visit and stay!

Have great time desmei and enjoy your stay !!!! Lucky you!

Thanks for that interesting video!

I had some dark Baracoa chocolate for the first time in January. I thought it was very good and as mentioned there is a certain something about traditional products made the traditional way with local ingredients.

I am glad you liked it. I will try to post some photo of the chocolate from Baracoa

Regarding cars and gas don’t forget that Canada is second largest country in the world and for us 100 km is nothing as distance between families, friends, shopping etc is way much bigger than in UK or other parts of Europe. Saying that we need more gas to go from one point to another. Canada is 3rd country in the world regarding oil reserves so we should definitely have much cheaper gas compared to many other countries in the world to be fair.

I will spend CUCs next time I go to Cuba and try to bring less next time I just love having some money with me as soon as I arrive to pay things such as casa, taxi etc in a case I am not going to all inclusive.
Happy Holidays all the best! Attachments:

A group of us will be there May 8th to 15th. See you at the pool bar!

Hello jodurps welcome to Debbie’s Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Looks like you are going to have lots of fun at the pool bar How big is the group that is going to Memories Flamenco Cayo Coco?

That’s what I love about Cuba–there’s music EVERYWHERE. You go to Mexico, and it’s all classic American rock. Hello! In Mexico, I have even LESS need to hear the Eagles than I do at home.

I love Cuban music and its presence.

I feel exactly the same. I like to feel the vibe of the country where I am going on vacation, its culture, language, music, art etc that is one of the biggest reasons I always love to return to Cuba for my vacations.

I still think I was latina in a former life (only the curly hair and green eyes give me away lol)

Many Latina have curly hair they just make it straight

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