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Do not worry you will be fine its so easy that you will not be able to miss your rep. Please once you are back leg us know how was your experience! And if you have more questions feel free to ask!

Usually as you coming out of the airport you will see many representatives of different agencies so there will be WestJet representative as well who will let you know exactly where is your bus waiting for you!

Ranchon renovated looked really nice. Yes there was not too many Italian tourists when I was there as well and I was wandering when Canadians will be able to go again. Beach is very nice in front of the hotel and I hope that now many Canadians will be able to enjoy this property. Thanks for update and sharing this news with us!

We had amazing Christmas in Cayo Lago with lovely weather and lots of swimming while in Canada family and friends had freezing rain and snow storm! Maybe Cayo Largo would be excellent option if you are looking to enjoy beach and escape from everything else.

IMHO your presence would be more than enough if you coming to my wedding and you are paying for your trip.

Finally you can "Skype" stile with IMO app with Cuba. I personally already talked a few times and video was excellent. I am excited as this is first time ever that video to video was established with Cuba. For Cubans it cost $2 per hour WiFi connection and you can do it for free from your home! Great job IMO!

Diane, how many people are travelling for that price?Cheers,


I wanted to ask same question so 2 people but how many weeks?

I think $4000 for 2 of you is for 2 weeks right?

Unfortunately this will happen with everything pretty much that we buy. From smartphones to food that we import. Canadian dollar is loosing value while US is getting stronger. Fuel surcharge.. West Jet just announced big profits and they are buying bigger airplane for flying to Europe…
Hello hooty19 welcome to Debbie’s forum. As per your description I would like to suggest Mexico Playa del Carmen area for your next trip. In Playa del Carmen you will find beautiful beach nice for long walks and many nice hotels with great food. Maybe Grand Bahia Principe Coba or Sian Ka’an. Both hotels are around 20 to 30 min from Playa del Carmen town but you have great bus connection and I would suggest that you go and visit Playa del Carmen as well Tulum. Welcome to the forum and please ask any question you might have. Going to specific country part of the forum and asking questions can help as well.

So from Santiago to Baracoa you can take viazul bus for 15 CUC I believe. After from Baracoa to Holguin I would suggest that you take private taxi. Road is bad like you heard as you can’t speed from Baracoa to Moa but its manageable. Many potholes but I went many times .. Any more questions please ask.

Yes I used them as well and never had issues. I felt space inside is bit bigger as well. I would definitely save $100 your flight is short anyway its not like you traveling 10 hours
This video was done by Doree Simon and ash said: "I’m a filmmaker and journalist from the U.S. who recently visited Cuba." Her friend and she recently made some videos about their experience visiting Cuba. She said: "We talk to Cubans, give tips on traveling there legally from the U.S. and share our experience in general." So here are some videos that she made:10 Reasons to Pack Up and Go to CubaCubans: What they really think about Americans

P.S. Our member ald1 already posted first video from her before!
I will let Doree know as she asked me to share the rest of her videos

barb1942 thank you very much for your comments and feedback. Glad that you had great time and that you loved hotel.

Hello milliiemoo welcome to the Debbie’s travel forum. Did you have any questions or your favorite resorts in Cuba to share with us? I see you quoted post but I did not figure out if you have questions or you wanted to let us know your favourite resorts in Cuba.

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