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WOW Great news and quick reply…what more can I ask for?? LOL

thanks and yes that is great for service.

Funny though about all the negative postings about SUNwing in the past. They must have improved for the 2007 2008 season as WE SEE less and less negative reviews from Sunwing.

thanks again

we are flying SUNWING on Friday to PC DR from Montreal. Quote from SUNLOVER : "Only service to offer hot in flight meals welcome glass of champagne, free head set for the movies wine with meals"

IS this for EVERYONE or do you have to be upgraded to Sunwing VIP?

well said Erica

too much Alcohol sometimes can be lots of fun. ;D

Unfortunatly it affects some people in a negative manner and this is where the problems begin.

We have used them several times from Ottawa with no problems with the trip. The TA who represents Sell offs vacations in Ottawa has a short fuse once the trip was booked (after sales questions and in my opinion) but besides that all went well. If Sell Off vacations has the best price, I would not hesitate to book with them again.

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