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ald1: do you want me to post on another forum? About 2 years ago, a lot of resort Cadecas were closed – no reason that I know of, but it was numerous. Much as I like CubaKing, fewer & fewer resorts have Cadecas. You may be able to change a 10 CUC note into 10 singles at the front desk. But they will not change CDN to CUC. Send a PM if you want me to do this. I’m surprised no one has come up with info for you. Thanks sund0g… no need to post on another forum… We were just curious to know of Memories Flamenco has a cadeca within the resort. We can always exchange at the airport when we land…

thank you,

I guess my question should have been… Is there a place to exchange money at Memories Flamenco? Lobby or on site Casas de Cambio SA (CADECA. thank you sund0g for the info.
Hello Admin. Yes I still can’t connect at work. I could send you a snapshot of the error however it would need to be to your personal email as I cannot attach pics on the forums PM system. note that the Access denied is for both Debbies carribbean and DominicansPM sent with IP address.

thank you for your help…

Can anyone tell me if there is a bank/cashier at Memories Flamenco in Cayo Coco? If not I will change money at the airport.

I do all of my own research.If I think it’s a "hot deal" (less than 6 seats available),I immediately book on-line. Otherwise I phone the agent I’ve been using for the past 3 years at itravel2000 via the toll free number and book with him. x2

except we use a travel agent we met in Playa Pesquero 3 years ago. she is with Sell offs vacations and she can usually take $$ off the already great deal we found. !

Received the following error code last week while trying to access Debbies at work… ********************************************************************ERROR 1006 Ray ID; ####e#ce##d###faACCESS DENIEDWHAT HAPPENED? : The Owner of this website ( has banned your IP address (###.###.##.##)****************************************************I rebooted and asked our IT folks and they said it wasn’t from work side. Anyway of lifting this "Ban"
I know I know. this topic has been discussed many times…We usually like to travel to Cuba after (during and before) the BIG weeks i.e Christmas, March / school break.) late November/ early December —–> no problem got a great deal to Club Amigo Santiago de Cuba

Mid February 2014—–> No great deals so opted for Florida —–> ouch that was way to cold

Last week of March: Usually get amazing deals since the "breaks" are all over and done with. Well this year compared to the last five… Prices are just not coming down…SO now we wait without panic… but man usually we can book in Jan / Feb for the end of March and get super deals. NOT THIS YEAR.

Anyone else having difficulty finding a sweet deal compared to years past?

Howdy, pardners (in crime),Am doing research for my trip to France and Spain in the fall and with the many sites out there advertising "dream hôtels and apartments", it’s hard to pick something when 1) you’ve never heard of the agency2) you are not familiar enough to decide on what is the best location , i.e. area of a particular city.Thus far I’ve visited Homelidays,, Friendly,,, one has some fantastic suggestions. I’ve heard of Homelidays and friends have booked hotels and even houses through this agency. But what of the others? Some of the agencies charge significant (read hidden)fees and some will even have you go from the airport to "some office" to get keys before having to yet again take a taxi to actual apartment (see Zen all sweaty as she lugs her suitcase up 3 floors…)

Has anyone gone this route and have any recommendations? I’m leaning toward Homelidays and Airbnb…

Allo ZEN,

Linda and I used VRBO on trips to Europe for Condo rentals( and also used Rick Steves Europe for guidance on hotels ( We found this little place in the alpilles called Hotel FOntvielle:

hope this helps!

Have fun planning best part of going on trip!

once you cross security … you pay the BIG $$$. So Holguin is no different. example one bottle of Water in most restaurants is about $1.50 and at the Ottawa or Montreal airport it’s about $3.00. No different.

Well usual is cross security /customs…hit duty free shop; sometimes we purchase sometimes we don’t. after tat…find a seat at the bar and order a drink (or 2 or 3) and people watch and guess if they are on our flight. most times I loose.
Just noticed that the Debbie’s palm tree logo has been refined/modified a bit more.

I like it!!


Sure can add to your list. 4) Club Amigo Carisol Los Corales – Santiago de Cuba5) Hotel Playa Pesquero – Holguin6) Blau Colonial – Cayo Coco

Looking at this resort for our next Cuba trip. Anyone been recently. Any preferred accommodation (bldg) Is there a scuba dive shop on site? How is the foodHow is the service? any comments are greatly appreciated. ald1
And I have been told (from managenemt) that while you # 1 – 3 are accurate Gardeners are right up there also That’s been my observation as well. The gardeners are not forgotten when it comes to tips/gifts.

I see the beach cleaners are also lower down the list. I think it must depend on the resort. At a few resorts we’ve visited the beach cleaners were also the guys who unlocked the chained up lounger stacks and took the loungers to whatever spot on the beach the guest selected. They were rewarded for their service! Bonus was that with the loungers being stacked and locked at the end of the day, it wasn’t possible to "save" your chair with a towel at the crack of dawn so no "towel wars".

Yup that’s what happens at Playa Pesquero one of our favourites in Cuba … No towel wars at the beach 8-)…. different story at pool

For our annual February trip south… Got a sweet deal to Florida Tampa and then on to Fort Myers…
Sure is going to be a different kind of trip for us… We have been doing all-inclusive (mostly Cuba) for the last mucho years and now it’s off to making our own dishes, making our own beds and cleaning up after ourselves… while on holiday… Cheers! the plane leaves in T-minus 4 hours. Still looking for a sweet deal back to Santiago de Cuba for the End of March.  


We were out last night and woke up to this great news. thank you Zee(or should I call you kermity frog ak47)great news! cheers! Now if the Ottawa Senators could of won against the leafs it would of been a Fan tastic night!

For those who might have missed the announcement on a different thread, here it is again:

Dear visitor –Today we are announcing that Debbie’s will go offline starting February 1st.Enjoy your travels!Eddie Lubbers

Test test test… Is Deb’s still awake?

Goodnight John-Boy Good Night eeeefarm and Zendudette needed to add: good night to all of you…it’s been fun chatting about down south and about scuba diving. That being said… where is Wossa. He didn’t drop in to say good by. Hope to find him and his awesome dive pictures / adventures on another forum! Bye bye
Another ‘my last post’Woke up this morning and there’s a drift half way up my bedroom window. I’ll have to shovel just so I can get the tractor out of the garage. The wood stove has been non-stop for a week and I need to empty the ashes badly. The wood in my shed is covered in snow and I went into the garage to get at my emergency pile and there’s a small snow drift in the garage from the crack on either side of the garage door.I’ll spend all morning trying to push the drifts out of the way with my Kubota so I can get the car out to the highway which is snow packed anyway. Geez, will this ever end? John, you said prices would go down by now??? It’s to early to get into the rum. I should just go back to bed.

I don’t think the groundhog is even going to wake up.

Ya enough already with the Cold and snow drifts…

We are also still waiting for the prices to go down…. Never too early to get into the rum

Hope your shovelling wasn’t too painfull

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