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I’ve enjoyed some very special Christmas celebrations at the Farallon.
The weather has always perfect. Christmas in Cuba is special indeed.

That’s what I have been hearing from friends who just returned.Too bad. I so enjoyed the area and the hotel (Farallon) I must re-think

this and decide later. Thanks

After reviewing some of my choices for the Caribbean side of Cuba (for Dec.Jan.)I’m taking another look at the Marea/Farallon. I have been there many times butnot in the last nine years (these years I’ve stayed at Luna Mares). My problem is when I was there in the past the food was good and plentiful. Few choices but lots of it. Now I read that

they run out at times (breakfast and dinner). Is this so or just some people being picky?

Looking to go to the south (Caribbean) side of Cuba this winter.
I have only stayed at the Marea del Portillo. Any suggestions?

I found the same thing. Very peaceful. You can’t beat singing carols at night
on the beach.

Thinking about taking my lumps (cost) and going to Luna/Maresfor Christmas and New Years. I find spending Christmas/New years

in Cuba extra special. Anyone else thinking the same?

I’ve traveled many times to Cuba but it has been Christmas holidaysand summer vacations. Now that I have retired and able to go any time,what would be the least expensive time to go to Cuba? I’m thinking about

going back to Marea del Portillo or Luna Mares.

Does anyone know the room numbers of bulding 6 top floor of
the Luna side of Luna/ Mares? (ocean view)

Why do we get so excited when we book a trip to Cuba. I have been many places in the world but none can match the feeling of the count down to Cuba. Going back to the Sol Luna y Mares for the 7th. time the end of June. The count down begins.

Cancellation insurance, need it or not. I have read where this is a cash grab by travel agents.

My wife and I will be spending two weeks at Sol Luna y Mares this coming July. We’ve stayed at this hotel 5 times now but never at the Luna side. We would like an ocean view on the top floor. Any suggestions? Thanks

I would like to go to Luna/Mares alone for a week an have my wife meet me there for two weeks returning on same flight. Has anyone done this, if so, were there any problems? I would like to stay in a room at the Luna for one week and change to an ocean view on Luna side for two weeks.

Has the Farallon/Marea closed until the fall? Can’t seem to get prices for the summer. The last time I was there (6 week stay at the Farallon) was about 7 years ago and loved it.

If money was no object, which resort in Cuba
would you go to be pampered?

Ok folks, we need some down time in Cuba.Are there any deals for March break. Looking

for lots of rest on the Caribbean side.

I should mention that each consecutive week was cheaper than the first.

The last time I booked a long stay was at the Farallon (Marea).
I booked through a travel agent. It was for 6 very relaxing weeks.

Going back to the Luna/Mares for two weeks on the 2nd.of July. I’ve always stayed in an ocean view on the Mares

side but this time I decided to book a room only on the Mares side. Can anyone tell me what to expect to find ?

How do all you single travelers put sun screen on your back?I use a dish washing sponge on a plastic handle. At the end

of the day I wash it and apply sun screen for the next day.

Does anyone know the cost of a late check out
at Sol Luna Mares?

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