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What sad news this is. He did great things for the Varadero people and other regions of Cuba. He was a very brave man. My sympathies go out to his family here in NB and the Cuban population.

We always take a day touring Varadero and stop at the Plaza America to have our pizza fix. Upstairs in a far corner, can’t miss it. View of the beach, cold beer and great pizza. We also got Baileys at the Super market, very expensive but worth every penny. Our resort did not carry it(had the cheap brands) so we splurged. We convinced ourselves that it was our souvenir from Cuba….lol

I will surely visit this wonderful place wnorman just descibed. It does make for a change from the resort site you know. I love Santa Clara and will also take a tour in the city. When you leave the resort area it makes for great chances to meet locals and other vacationers. We`ve had the best parties on the streets in Varadero and might get the occassion to have a great party at this disco one evening……..Melia Buena Vista in April Baby.

We are booked for April so I’m pretty sure things will be a bit more organized then, but really, it doesn’t matter, ready or not here I come right. I need a beach, beer and a bed…..maybe a little food to keep me alive! Any updates on it is always greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.

Also, a very Happy Holiday to all of my Cuba Forum Friends! xo

BOOKED! BOOKED! BOOKED!WE WEREN’T GOING, YA RIGHT! WE WERE LOOKING AT JAMAICA, YA RIGHT! CUBA IT IS…….YIPEEEEE!This resort was opening in December, any news anyone? and who else is going? It’s only 105 rooms, isn’t that nice!

Any info on it will be greatly appreciated.

We are back. I will post my review soon. All good comments for the most part. This resort is a 5 star and will be get higher in price next year. They have a few kinks here and there but the set up is perfect. Everthing is close, the rooms are very nice, the food was very good(5lbs extra to prove it). We’ve done Cuba many time with good resorts so far but this was by far our favorite. We had great weather and our travelling plans all fell into place.
OK everyone, today is the big day. We are travelling 3.5 hrs to Quebec City and boarding in the morning for Varadero Cuba. Of course I will post my review upon my return and answer any questions you might have on this brand new resort. We can’t wait to see it and visit Varadero again like we do every year. I’m just asking for great weather and fine company! Later my dear Cuba Forum friends xo

I’m happy to see it won’t offend anyone if you see us move to other chairs. I would never want to offend anyone but sometimes I feel I should just go sit somewhere else even if I was the first one sitting there or not. I would never want to offend anyone….again always out of respect for everyone in everthing.
Well Blondecaper, have yourself the greatest trip ever. My turn will be right after on the 20th, I can’t wait either. I wish you great weather, lots of fun and plenty of everything else!
So happy your trip was great. I had heard the weather was excellent also. Can’t wait to read your review and hear all about it. I can’t wait for my turn, 19 dodos for me.Allijose

from NB

I look forward to just about everything, except the rude tourists but the rest of it is just the best! First for me would be the beach, second the people, third the cristal beer and fourth the rum….I could go on. They all rank in the first category really! I enjoy Cuba very much and every year we say we are trying something new, but we always return to Cuba….LOL

28 days to go!

The sky is very gray today in NB it makes me want to leave now. Still have 28 days to wait, will I make it??? About the tipping issue……I wish people would be nice when on vacation. I’ve seen people so rude it almost made ashamed of being from the same country as them. Just plain rude and demanding. You’re on vacation, my goodness, leave the attitude home. Get off your ass and go ask for coffee if they don’t have time to stop at your table every friggin minute. I’ve seen it happen and sometimes I want to say something, maybe one day I will. and the cutting in the lines, what is it with that???? Anyway I tip all the time and it’s always so appreciated. I’m nice to them and they’re nice to me. That is the way it works in life period!

So sorry to hear the weather didn’t cooperate. We will be there April 20th so it’s should be warmer by then. Glad you enjoyed the resort and things went well. So it was crowded? I also prefer smaller resorts but the price and also hotel chain of Iberostar is always interesting to me and that’s why I choose this resort. I can’t wait to read your review. Welcome Back!

OMG you are so funny Zendudette……lol I can’t wait to hear all the good things you’ll have to say about this brand new resort. My trip is far down the line but you make it exciting for me everyday I check this post. Have fun and yes, do not leave the PORT behind, mandatory to bring with you. I leave room for 2 X 1 litre Baileys to have with my coffee every morning and evening, half half just like at Tim Hortons, 1/2 Baileys 1/2 coffee yummy! Have a great trip, I wish you great weather, lots of fun, great friends etc…..all the best! Your friend from NB

Have a great trip. I will look at Guardalavaca one of these days. We’ve been travelling to Cuba for the last I’d say 6 years and we are so hooked on it! Good luck with the chemical freebiodegradable sunsceen.

Hey Susan

We fly out of Quebec City. Halifax is so far and I don’t want to travel 7 hours to get to the airport. Quebec departures are pretty good for hours and prices so for the last 4 years we’ve been going from Quebec which is 3.5 hours from home. Moncton is not bad but they don’t have enough options for departure dates and flight hours and also I might add destinations. We’re happy with Quebec, it’s a nice airport with great services and closer for us being from Grand Falls. Which resort in Cuba Susan?

We travelled to Mexico awhile back and visited Xelha and they kept our sunscreen because of chemicals in them. They gave them back when we left the park. They provided us with samples for our day in their park. We were afraid it would be enough and that our kids would burn. We did find the stuff on site at the park and stocked up for the rest of the trip because the product was so good. Our kids did not burn with the product, all other products made them burn even with 45 protection. Here’s the link to the website I ordered just lately and it’s the same product from years back.

Is Transat a regular to do this kind of thing also? We’ve always travelled with Airtransat and this never happened to us yet. We are travelling late this year so it might just happen to us also……good luck with that!

Hum! oh well I’ll prepare myself mentally, I’ll be in Cuba so no worries, all will be great no matter what. Thanks for the heads up about the schedule change and cancellations. If they do cancel our flight they will give us another option right????
I didn’t pay attention that I might encounter flight changes. I’ll be prepared this way, thanks for the info. We are outbound from Quebec City which is pretty popular but I’ll expect the unexpected. Thanks for the great website Africa and the great info AnneM and YHZ, greatly appreciated.


It’s the first time we are travelling so late in April, the 20th to the 27th. How’s the weather in Varadero Cuba late April? and is it still busy in the resorts or things slow down a bit, less people.Thanks everyone

I’ll send it to Debbie for sure, thanks for letting me know, I completely forgot. I’ll sent it in Facebbok also. This place is gonna get expensive next year, glad I’m booked with a decent price for this year.

Diet here I go! Got to loose a few to gain a few right, I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM! ;D

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