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I am reading this a little late, but can’t believe it has been 3 years! I always enjoyed reading Mardi’s posts and replies on TA, and quite often had a little chuckle over them. I know he must be sorely missed by many!

[/quote]Hello @amandac nice to see you back at Debbies forum! I hope you enjoy your time here with us [/quote]

Thank you!

Ken – You are correct, the age limit for Jibacoa is 14 years – only 11 years and 9 months until we can go back then!! lolI would quite like to try a completely different part of the island, but Varadero makes sense if we have the chance to meet up with friends.
Thanks guys!! I haven’t been on here in absolutely ages, but had seen it mentioned a few times recently over on TA so thought I would have a nose around!Thanks for the photos eeeefarm – they bring back lots of lovely memories!!

Ken – how are you?! Not sure yet. We were thinking of a trip maybe the year after next, unfortunately not to Jibacoa though(unless we can smuggle in a small person!! lol). We will probably end up in Varadero so that we can hop in a taxi to go and meet friends.

I use a deet based repellant or avon skin so soft to prevent getting bitten in the first place. I used to get chewed alive before I started using these – I would have dozens of bites on each leg, and more on my arms and body, and they always came up in big red bumps, which not only looked awful but itched like mad!! I use ‘Jungle Formula’ afterbite spray and also benadryl cream – wouldn’t travel without them now!!

I’ve had a couple of nasty bite experiences over the years, but I have no idea what bit me! The first was whilst in the buffet area, I got dozens of little bites all around my feet and ankles – felt like they were burning and so itchy too. I ended up having to stick my feet and ankles under a cold shower to soothe them. A few years later I got similar bites on the tops of my legs whilst sitting on a chair in one of the bars. Same again, felt like they were on fire and extremely itchy. Horrible little bugs, whatever they were!

First I’ve heard of it! I sincerely hope this guy has his wires crossed and it’s not true!! Not only would we all lose the chance to keep going back to our little piece of paradise, but think of all the people who would lose their jobs…..

Will see if I can find out any more and let you know!

We have seen several cats and dogs during our stays at Jibacoa, some in surprisingly good condition and others very obviously flea ridden and mangy. Some very friendly, and others very timid having obviously experienced abuse at some point.

Sadly we did see the dog catcher at work during one visit. We didn’t actually see him catch the dog, but heard the yelps and saw him carrying the dog by his hind legs. We have no idea what happened to the dog after that, although we did have our suspicions.

I believe the Jibacoa resorts would definitely benefit from the project you are describing radar.

Good choice, I’m sure you’ll have a great time. Jibacoa was our 2nd choice when we booked our first trip back in 2001….now we’ve been back every year – trip 9 next week!! ;D

Thanks Steffie – we are so looking forward to it. Had originally planned to go in June, but it didn’t quite work out. I’m sure the next 5 months will fly past (as long as the 2 weeks we’re there go slow!!) and you will be back ‘home’ before you know it.

Thanks for that – I was just so glad you loved the place as much as we did, I would have felt really bad if you had come back hating it after I told you how great it was!!

39th trip to the resort?!

Got some serious catching up to do there….but what fun we’ll have doing it!

Have to agree with everything Karmadoc, Smiles4Cuba & Steffiej have said. We are repeaters at Jibacoa too, for pretty much all of the same reasons. Can’t wait to get back home next month!!
The ring shouldn’t be a problem. Make sure you pack it in your hand luggage, that way it will go through the x-ray machine and shouldn’t cause any problems. If they do pick up on it, quietly explain to them that it’s a surprise for your girlfriend and that she mustn’t see it.

Good luck – remember to come back and tell us how you finally decided to do it!!

I had a gecko fall on me once, under a palapa. I sure would like it if a diamond ring fell on me!

It musta looked pretty funny, a big round lady spazzing out by herself under a chair, shrieking for no apparent with the gecko long gone….

lol, too funny eloisegirl!! Couldn’t help but laugh at that description!!

I’ll add my vote for Jibacoa!! I’m heading back there in October for trip number 9. ;DWe got engaged and married there. Everything was perfect. As the others have said the guest relations ladies are the nicest you will ever meet, and will do their best to help with your proposal if you ask them.
We’ve attended the ones held (Friday nights) at Breezes Jibacoa and it’s fun to meet other return guests. We met a couple who had been there 27 times :o…. I guess they really like the place ;D. It’s a great way to get to know other guests at the resort and chat with members of management.

27 times?! We’ve got some serious catching up to do…. We’ve attended the cocktail party in the piano bar at Jibacoa too. They used to do dinners at the a la carte and bus tours too.

I have to agree with Steffie’s recommendation of Jibacoa – take a look at the reviews and see if you think it sounds like what you’re looking for.It is quite isolated, but in a good location for tours to Havana and Varadero etc. The staff are excellent, setting beautiful, food and drinks are good.

Hope you manage to find the right resort for you!!

I have previously booked a free week, and a half price stay through Virgin Holidays (via a travel agent), without any issues. My husband now has a free week to use, and it’s not quite so straight forward this time!! When I used my free week I was discounted 7 x nightly rate at that time – simple!! This time I have been told that they cannot quote and that I have to book at full price and get the discount later. Not too happy to do that – I want to know what I’m paying up front. I have had a quote from another company, who quoted on the discount for the free week without any problems, but they are a few hundred £’s more expensive that Virgin, so it just cancels out the discount! Does anyone else have any experience of this, how did it work out for you?
You also need to consider the insurance implications if you were to have an accident. Here in the UK the FCO states :

In view of serious accidents that have involved tourists, you should not use mopeds or three-wheel Coco-Taxis when travelling around Cuba.

This would probably result in your insurance company not covering you.

We had to complete the declaration forms for the first time on our most recent trip in December – nobody was interested in them at Havana airport though.

We love the Cuban coffee….always take lots of Cubita home with us, and sometimes Turquino too.

Breezes Jibacoa was our second choice for our first trip to Cuba too – our first choice was fully booked, so we went with Jibacoa and have been back there every year since. Hope you manage to get a good deal where ever you end up!

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