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I’m trying to book a 4 star for around $1000 per person taxes included with a dec 27th departure. Will I see those kind of prices soon?

That is one of the most expensive weeks of the year (if not THE most) – if you do find that kind of price for a decent 4*, it will be awesome! Unexpected in my books, but awesome for you!

BRIGIT!!!! It is awesome to see you here! Thanks for the most recent info on NJT – so glad you are still involved with the organization, they are lucky to have you!

I’ve been a few times in the first half of June again (and I suspect the weather would be similar to September), but I can’t do that now because I have a child in school. I’ve been in late June a couple of times and in August once, and would only do that again for a very low price (and I would definitely make sure the resort’s buffet was air conditioned!).

It it were me (and my 9-year old son), I would choose the Tainos, mostly because it is smaller and because Iberostar animation is usually very good – they will keep your 8-year old occupied. The food is usually decent at Iberostar properties.

So glad you had a good vacation Geoff!I recently returned from Cayo Largo after going elsewhere for our last two vacations (Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Guillermo). Indeed, other destinations can be very nice and have positive features, but to me, nothing compares to CL and to the special energy I feel when I’m there.

Hope your hand is getting better!

I wish they would just list the prices with the tax included. Depends on the tour operator it seems which tax amount they want to charge. I can’t help but feel they inflate the tax amount to make the base amount seem cheaper .. probably not but feels that way.

Especially when you see other companies offering for half the tax amount .. but then the base amount is inflated. I believe it is included in the prices when shopping for flights only .. would be nice for all inclusive trips as well. I suppose it is just laziness on my part as I can do the math. LOL

That is mandatory for anyone selling to Quebec consumers. Most online travel agencies will indicate all-in pricing if you select Montreal (or Quebec City) as your departure city. Those that don’t are not respecting the provincial regulations.

Actually DT, I have a 5 Mbit connection at home and Netflix works fine, even when my son and I are both watching it at the same time (you can view it on an iPad too). I can also surf the Internet while my son is watching Netflix, no issues either. It does download a lot of data though.

Anne, given the excellent advice on babies and small children traveling, that you give on TA, I never thought that you were a guy; and what does that say about me, and my view of men?

Very funny!

hfxjohn: I connect to Netflix on my TV via my DVD player.

Best thing about Netflix for me has been discovering Archer, an animated series for grown-ups (definitely for grown-ups!) – it is vulgar, irreverent and very funny!

I’ll take a first guess! Was it Los Delfines?

By the way DT, I post as CayoLargo2 on TA, and most people think I’m a guy too!

I now budget into my travel expenses the price of underground parking at Trudeau airport in Montreal. I leave our coats and boots in the car, but we do wear comfy long pants and closed shoes on the plane, along with a sweatshirt. It is simply awesome to lock up your car, take an elevator and voilà, you are in the terminal!
Tour operators have a counter near Entrance 1, departures level. You will need your tourist visa to check-in. Last May we got the tourist cards after we checked our luggage.  It’s the Cubana rep that told us where to get them.

It was near entrance 1 as you said.

Usually, the check-in agent must ensure you have all the proper documentation required for being granted entry into the destination country, because if there is a problem (an expired passport, for example) and you are denied entry, the airline is responsible for taking you home. Perhaps Cubana agents are more relaxed, but unless things have changed recently, most airline agents will require to see the tourist card along with your passport.

Then again, if things have indeed changed recently, it might be because it’s very easy to procure a visa upon arrival in Cuba. I can only share my experience. I sure wouldn’t want to take the chance to line-up to check-in, only to be told I had to go get the visa! Been there, done that, don’t want to do it again!

I just did a quick search on the Nolitours and Transat Holidays websites. Their respective brochure includes a list of resorts with no single supplement, there are several to choose from. Whether you’ll be able to get one for the price you’re looking for really depends on one thing: supply and demand!

Good luck with your search, keep us posted on your choice!

Cubana’s aircrafts do include a Tropical Class with roomier seats and more legroom, but no other additional services. However, it is very expensive ($300 per person, per segment was the last price I was quoted), and it is really difficult to purchase it. I have seen their employees nap in that section more often than I’ve seen clients. I was able to buy it once, but my travel agent had to call someone she knew at Cubana and get an email confirming the purchase (this was a few years ago out of Montreal). These days, Cubana seem to also be using leased aircrafts which offer tighter seating that their Airbus aircrafts. Entertainment is still non-existent.

I have not yet heard of any bonus services being offered on a Cubana flight (similar to Transat’s Option Plus). Last I heard, you could not even pre-book your seats.

It is better to bring Canadian dollars and change them into CUC once you are in Cuba. American dollars are subject to a 10 or 11% penalty to convert them.

Please do not tip with Canadian coins, as coins (anywhwere, not just in Cuba) cannot be exchanged into local currency, only paper bills can be exchanged. You can pay with Canadian bills when you arrive (if you take a taxi or you buy beer, for example), but once you are settled in, please use the local currency (CUC).

He has a set of dominoes, but they’re quite heavy… and I don’t know how to play dominoes! Guess I’ll have to learn, I love playing games like that with my son!

Now that my son has learned to play Yahtzee and enjoys it, I’ll be sure to pack it in our carry-on, it would be a perfect way to pass the time during a delay!

AnneM – For the Iphone it’s called "Countdown Star Free"

Gotta buy you guys a drink when we there!

Thank you so much, I just found it!

And I would really have loved to meet you guys for a drink (and a few M&M’s ), but we’re only there for a week (April 2-9). Maybe next time!

Have you considered the Iberostar Tainos or the Iberostar Laguna Azul? They should be closer to your preferred price point that the IV, and they will be livelier for your sons.

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