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Drink, Rum and Scotch. Sorry, for me no Tequila. Is there a good aged rum served in the resorts, made in Mexico?

As a rum and dos ice drinker and new to mexico, what would be suggested?

Have sort of narrowed it down to several sites for our first visit to Mexico and the Myan Riviera. Don’t want anything near the Cancun area and are down to IB Pariaso Beach and IB Tucan/Quetzal. Not fond of large crowds. Anybody been? Pros cons
Thanks in advance

Might I suggest you use the Park and Fly. Go direct to them, they will shuttle you to the departure area and on your return, will pick you up and drive you to your car. Reasonable prices as the halifax airport web site will tell you.

Kidding right! Just returned from SLS. No scale!!! Bring your own.

Snack bar turned into the Cuban by the quiet pool(could not sit down) . Lunch bar by beach- all chair backs looked as though they had been used as bird pirches. Got up to get something and came back to bird droppings on the table. Coffee in buffet was dark unscented water(really) Buffet food was cold by the time you got back to your table. Staff in buffet not there to serve just for a job. Amerato was not available for the week we were there. I believe they got red wine the day we left (3 days maybe) The list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, my review did not say the half of it. I forgot so many more instances. Hopefully someone in that company reads Debbies and can make some changes to what must have , at one time, been a place of "good memories" .

Debbie used to have a section which listed various resorts with e-mail addresses and phone numbers that can be reached from Canada, to be left with relatives at home in case of emergency. Can’t seem to find anything quickly on the new site.

Santa Maria is a 1.5 hour bus ride and depending on arrival time(midnight from the east coast) its a long haul in the dark after a loonogg day. Stayed at the Daiquiri which was nice and toured the Guillermo next door and found it very nice as well but dated. we would go back to either.

Question: Is the 90 CUC for taxi and driver regardless of number of pax,say 4 or 6. Will the driver show you the sights prior to returning and could a person espect something a bit bigger than the Lada……

Just checked with Environment Canada. Weather for Varadaro next 5 days isSat Low19 High 30 Scattered ShowersSun 20 24 Scattered Thunder ShowersMon 18 22 Scattered ShowersTue 19 24 Scattered ShowersWed 19 25 Cloudy

Rain, Rain Go Away

Hate to bring this up again as it’s been covered several times but did not get a difinitive answer. Four of us looking to hire a cab/van with driver to do short tour of Havana. Are there reputable people to hire and what cost are we looking at? gracias

At Sierenis Cocotal last year we had to pay 3 US dollars per day up front and also a 50.00 dollar deposit. We stayed 14 days so upon arrival we had to come up with 100. US immediately. This was really for the safe key. The 50 was refunded on departure. You aren’t told this anywhere on any itravel,selloff etc site and I wrote about it on my resort review.

Stayed there in 06 and I believe the price was 2 CUC’s per day. Great place with super friendly staff. This is one of the places we would easily return to. Dial up internet very slow though but hey you’re not going for the internet.

It won’t be long before we’re sitting in a hot bus waiting for the last 10 or so passengers to make their way through the money exchange long line-up and then find their way to our bus so we can finally get on the road to our resort after a very long day of airport line-ups, searches and mediocre food. Please do like crabby1 and try to take some CUC’s with you so we all can start to enjoy our stay.
If you go to this site you will get baggage limitations which as you will see allows for 2 x 50lb cheched bags per person and carry-ons as well, even for cattle car passage. Have traveled Canjet, Westjet, Airtransat, and Air Canada to the caribbean and found our national airline to be one of the best. It has never happened to me but I believe equipment break-downs might be handled better with them as they should have more readily available replacements.
Bon Voyage
Took several attempts to try to access the Hotel Review Section and only after requiring to Become a Member which I thought I was for several years. And as of 9 AM here in the east, the site is unreachable. I trust the experts are hard at work.

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