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We loved the Colonial CC…..a lovely spacious resort, with a beautiful beach, great pools (fresh and salt water) very pleasant staff, decent food, and really stunning old colonial buildings, with large, comfortable rooms. This place is NOT party central,… very quiet and peaceful, in fact. Great place !!


Just got back from a great week in Cayo Coco ( the Colonial )……it WAS hot, but not unbearably so, and have to say that apart from meals (the buffet was nice and cool, and the ice cream was delicious !!), we spent most of the time in the water. We LOVED the peaceful salt water pools, and the beach, of course !! ┬áThe resort was very quiet for the first few days (despite the influx of 450 students…the dreaded S-trippers…who were transferred over from Tryp, but were strictly segregated at the opposite end of the resort from us.) On our final day (Saturday) things started to get busy with the arrival of a number of vacationing Cuban families. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, peaceful vacation, and we fell in love with the hotel itself and the fantastic staff, who combine warmth and friendliness with real efficiency. We had a very, very good time !!

Thank you so much !! Glad to hear about that breeze on the beach….we were a little bit worried about the heat (not TOO much lol !!! ) Will definitely report back, after we get home.

Never been in the summer before, but are leaving for Cayo Coco on Sunday !! Had to work around my grandson’s school holidays. Planning on spending most of our time in the water, in the shade or someplace with good air conditioning. Have been in September quite a few times, and enjoyed it, and in Dec./Jan./ and Feb. when it has occasionally been a little bit too cool. This trip will be interesting !


When I was a lot younger and more active, I preferred travelling around, especially in Europe, walking for miles, sleeping on trains, getting off the beaten track, etc. I only discovered A.I’s a few years ago, and now as a senior with some mobility issues I find them absolutely ideal !! I love being able to just unpack once, get settled in, and enjoy the fact that someone else is doing the cooking and cleaning !! I love a nice beach, and the Ocean to swim in….all that, and a couple of good books, and I am perfectly happy !! Have met some very nice people at each of the A.I’s I have stayed at in Cuba, and am just planning my next trip as we speak.

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