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Paradise Island was once called Hog Island – one should petition the Bahamas government to change the name Nassau in Hog City. Atlantis has three buildings: Beach Tower and Coral Tower are the old once and Royal Tower is the new big one. From my point of view Paradise Island is already overpopulated. And more constructions are still going on. There are a lot of importet palm trees at the pool side but not even one at the beach for shade. Whereas it is too loud at the pool the disadvantage of the beach is the dirt. Atlantis room rates are very high. Same thing concerning the food. For a evening buffet you pay more than 100 box for two without drinks – and consider it is self service. Service does not reach always the level what you expect. Even if you have booked a stay at the Atlantis in the Royal Tower for 5 nights they might try to break our 5 night stay into 2 separate rooms with 3 in Royal Towers and 2 in Coral Towers at the arrival due to overbooking. You can have also various "mistaken" wakeup calls and "wrong" room service deliveries. Make shure that they do not double bill you and charge for mini bar that you never used. It can take months to straighten a part of the problems out. Over all our memories unfortunatelly are of hassle and lack of sleep…I even say that the Dollar has in the Bahamas a value of 50 cents only. Same thing with any excursions.I guess a cruise out into the ocean is not bad, but after getting into the water and above the reef it is really not very good at all. The coral appeared to be dead and fish were nonexistent. Very disapointingfor us and the other people who payed 40 dollars a head. The worst experience is a walk to the foot of the Paradise Island bridge. It stinks there from water and swerage tanks which are close by. It is also disappointing to see all the poor locals offering food at dirty stands and drinking canned beer. It seems that after sunset it can be also dangerous if you walk alone. OK, where many people are living there is crime, stealing and killing too but from my point of view the Bahamas is a small country with about 300 000 inhabitants. This means to me that the crime, stealing and killing rate should absolutely not so high like in New York or Moscow. I personally agree also that the US embassy even published not only once a travel warning at least for spring breakers. The Bahamas Government invest much money for false advertisements. We spoke to many tourists who would not return to the Bahamas. Another disappointment was a walking tour to Nassau downtown. On the way we did not see anyhing what could be interesting for us. And on the way back the taxi driver refused to turn his meter on and charged us 5 dollars PER PERSON for a short trip of one mile. Beside the Casino the nightlife is very poor. For the money you send at Atlantis you can easyly find other places in the Carribean.

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