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hi spice ;Dbeen there 3 times and we never take all incl. NEVERyou will miss all the great resto. they have, just walk and you will see resto. everywere :o, dont be afraid in the evening, it’s safe, i walk to the store to get stuff at the ( depanneur) all alone and i felt safe.

it’s not that expensive, me and huby about 20$+30$ per night for super, lunch well if you’re at the beach it’s CHEAP, and if you have a stove and fridge in you’re room (we did) you go to the market and get food, and it’s not that $$$$, we stayd in christchurch too, ( amarillys) and ( butterfly hotel) and ( blue horizon)if i’m not rong i think silversands hotel was near blue horizon hotel if yes well you will not have a problem to eat out, and it will not cost you an arm and a leg if you have more question dont be shy

ho and you can go to canadian, that’s where i found ALL my special, in january, 2 weeks for 1349.00$ not bad :P, with air canada non stop….. ok now i’m finish
hi there, been there 3 time and if i wee you dont take all incl. because you will miss all the restaurant and bar arond there !!! a lot to see!!we always take with breakfast that’it and the room always have a stove and fridge so if you want to make super in the room (romantic) it’s good, and you go out drive or take the bus you’re choice, to go to other beach, restaurant, bar it’s fun that way all incl. is $$$$ in barbados, and you’re stuck in the hotel, so if i were you ( and me) ;D

that’s the only way to go there, ……. was ther this year in january 2 weeks 1 to the 14 2006, to rockley beach it was very hot and sunny put some cream a lot of it, i got burn ;D ,

so want more info. dont be shy by by Manon from Montreal

hi there,congratulation on you’re wedding….we we’re there for our honeymoon in 98, and we fell in love with barbados, we went back in 03 and planning to go back next year for our 10th years togheter( sorry i’m french) ;D

so what hotel did you stay? how was the planning over the internet? ect……… do tell ;D

because we want to get remaried for our 10th year of mariage,….. by by

hi, going back jan.01-06 for 2 weeks, and each timt we went there we bring back alot of stuff, sugar, coffe, beer, rhum, and yes sand, with no problem…for the food we go out 2-3 times in a nice and fancy restaurant, and the rest we go to the market do the grocery and we cook in our hotel room, we save more that way belive me….19 days to go and counting

regards beachlover

hi gere, well my mouth is watering just the food down there make me crazy, we love it so much and yes the very good puding is to die for, but i did stay around there and never saw that restaurant?? we are always walking everywhere, or take the bus, and didn’t see that restaurant?
Well something new to go to!!! we love to walk and stop by the road and eat in the little resto. they call, they make good food, and the peoples are very nice, haaaaaaa!!!
i want to go NOW this time we are looking in these
little (cottage) it’s like bed&breakfast, the price are good, so maybe ( i) want to do that next time we go. we never have a lay over we take air canada and it’s direct but this year there always write day you have to stay 1 day more at you’re lay over, that i dont like
but i’m looking, i’m looking
have a good day by by
hi gere, how are you? i dont know the restaurant, but i love BARBADOS i miss that place so much that we are going back this year or next year, been there 3 time, and it’s wonderful,. Why are you asking about the restaurant? is it something special there???…… So where are you staying down there?

by by

lucky you would love to know peoples too, but hay can have everything we want hay?? maybe in the future but for now,we will dream of next year and continue to look on the net. for places (hotel) to go. have a good day to you….

hello there, yes we been there and it was SUPER ;Dhad the time of my life good party, music, drinks, and dancingtoo!!! we are going back next year, and for sure to go there again,.are you going back? and where would you stay??

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hi there, here’s the e-mail addr.

[email protected]

her name is: Harriette E. Smith or…105 adelaide st.w., suite 1010toronto,ON. tel: (514) 932-3206 1-800-268-9122 est. 301

good luck to you…. (wish i could be there right now)

hi there,
well it depends where and what to eat, just came back and it was our 3 visits and WE we’re surprise how much the price went UP :-/, it got expensive alots, we went to the restaurant OPA for 2 it cost us 190.00$ bd, 2 beer+ 2 pina colada and food nothing to expensive we took belive me the food was very good, but it is very$$$, a bought a bikini the cheapest 140.00$, ok barbados $$, we went almost brock( sorry for my spelling i’m french) take a room with a stove and fridge and do some shopping at the market, and cook it will cost you less, belive me. so with that have a good trip…

my husband have no choice but to take 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks for holidays he works in construction here in Montreal so you get you’re $$ have to budget for 2 weeks that he dont work, so cannot put that for vacation

now my mom stay with us it’s fine but have to put $$ aside for a house next year, WE PROMISE that we wont do any vacation this year but I will try to find something cheap that we can go

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