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I am a rum/coke guy, and pretty much always have been, and look forward to a week of those each time down there.Of course it’s Cristal for the bus ride to the resort.

While I will try different drinks from time to time down there, I pretty much stick to the same ole

There was no beer at the santa Clara airport last week when we arrived. An enterprising cart vendor would sell you a cola with extras for 2 cookies, refills only one CUC. The whole airport was out of beer for the day. That was remedied for the return trip but I tried, (unsuccessfully), to set it back the way it was on arrival.

I’ve booked into Rancho Luna for 7 days starting 18 May. I’m travelling on points, ScotiaRewards, and need to book at least 2 days advance. Holasun offers a free bus 2x daily into Cienfuegos. It was a deciding factor in my destination decision.

I can’t take pictures since gardengal has my camera, so I will sketch what the beach and underwater fish look like.

If you don’t remember, it must have been good.

Smile!If you have your heart set on a particular place, then book when you are satisfied and don’t check again. If, like me, you don’t care where you go wait until 2 days before and pick whatever is left. I usually travel solo so plans are flexible. I’m going somewhere next week. I will probably need to book 4 days in advance since I’m travelling on points this time.Group travel is tougher because there might only be one room left at a resort on short notice.The time of year makes a difference because a lot of resorts shut down for repairs and upgrades during the ‘slower times’. That limits the options available too.

Is that $894 plus or including taxes?

we shall be moving this to off topic soon ….as it really belongs in that area. Not far enough away.

Move it to the WGAF Forum

I think a fair system would be to have person and belongings stand on a scale. Have a cut off weight where it starts to cost more. I would really resent being charged extra for a pound or two overweight while the obese golfer gets both himself and his golf clubs on for free!! I beg to disagree. 

Whilst I probably weigh as much or more than your theoretical obese golfer and clubs, what would you make as the cut-off point for total weight. Don’t get me started on seat sizes and exit row availability.

In my irridescent blue thong and flip-flops, (how’s that for a mental image!), I weigh 280 lbs. My clothes are heavier than most simply because they are all size XXLT. I need to take fewer clothes because of the baggage weight limit. I’m a couple pounds overweight but not obese. I can still fit into the same Blue Jays cap I wore in high school. 

Tip with cash.Gift with useful items. A steak knife is much more useful than a trinket. 

My opinion only, do whatever makes you happy.

What a great location for a movie. A Sci-Fi, Chernobyl Disaster Vs Radioactive Dinosaur UFO’s Thriller.Or sell tours. I will be there in 3weeks. Maybe.
Help!I’m trying to decide between these 2 places for a week in mid May. Traveling solo, low maintenance, cast iron stomach.Same price, RL has better flight times. Has anyone stayed at both and is willing to offer an opinion?Thanks,Bigjohn.
AI for me as well. Not that I wouldn’t try a Casa, but I like to know my expenses ahead of time, as well as knowing that everything is done, food provided, drinks etc. That is what I was going to say.  I do venture away from the protected enclave every day, but I take comfort knowing my bed is arranged and my meals are waiting, (usually under hot lights for hours…).I like to go to town for lunch in a local restaurant, and people watching in the main square. Plus, my knowledge of local language is limited to ordering omlets and Cubatas.
The various modes of transportation have always fascinated me. So many strange and ingenious contraptions! The most frightening are the bicycle sidecars with elderly women in the side seat clutching groceries and packages while the young man weaves through heavy traffic. I’ve seen this in downtown Santa Clara and Holguin and it really made me cringe! What about the 125cc motorcycles that carry a family of five?
They certainly sound just like scrunchions. Had them often growing up in Newfoundland.
My wife will make them for me sometimes. Uses her Nan’s recipe. Too unhealthy for her, but she gives them to me!?

I was at Brisas Guardalavaca with a buddy and we met some young ladies from the Centre Of The Universe who imported their own, ahem, ‘herbal medication’.
I have never seen anyone pass through customs and immigration ‘carrying’.

Was it a scam?Was it a fellow tourist? Was it a hotel incident?Was it something that made you say "Wow"?Was it something that makes you say "WTF"? (not Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).C’mon, share. Spill the beans. You can tell me, I will keep it a secret.  
Over half of the electrical power in Cuba is produced by by imported oil. The purchase of this oil puts a very serious strain on the Cuban economy.  Why don’t they fire up the reactor at Juragua?
I took pictures of police on the beach and was detained for about 30 minutes.On another trip, I rode The Flying Inflatable Boat. Awesome!!The one thing I checked AFTER the flight was the weight limit of the contraption. Total weight limit was 125 kg. I’m about 3kg over that. Good thing the pilot was weightless.
I dismantle and box-up a bike to take. I know it will work, and it is the right size. Resort bikes are notoriously bad. 
That is why you don’t take one. Your week would be over and you would not have enjoyed yourself. When I take it, someone knows what it is for and therefore, he has earned it.

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