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Is anyone aware of a retailer in the Guelph, Kitchener or Elmwood areas that carry Serrano or Cubita?

There are a few members on other forums that I almost never read because I don’t jive with their attitude, style or politics.
Life’s too short. There are other forums?

The new resorts are Russian. They are being built for Putin.
Or maybe Quebecois… Poutine stands?

What other concerns did you have with this resort? If pictures on the wall was the biggest problem with MMV, it sounds like a place I might like. Will you be posting a full review to help others decide on the merits of this resort?I am insulted that the Harper government, (used to be the Canadian gov’t…) has business dealings with the US gov’t while the embargo is in place. Your opinion please:-):-):-)
Lots to report shortly – Si !!! I was at the Melia Sol Palmeras but ::: Airlines – Cuban Resorts & Sex are very similar – once you have had the best it makes others feel mediocare.Cuban resorts :::1. Iberostar Varadero ( 3 )2. Rio De Oro ( 6 3. Melia Marina Varadero ( ! )Airlimes :::1. Air Canada ( 140 )2. Westjet ( 8 )

Sunwing – never again

But how do you know you’ve had the best until you’ve tried the rest.

I’m talking airlines and resorts here, (in case my wife is lurking).

It’s a bit like when your crazy aunt gave you that outlandish Christmas sweater and you convinced her that you loved it. I DID like that sweater. I also get excited when my dentist gives me a free toothbrush.

I’ve lost a roll of duct tape and some 6" zip ties to airport security. Heading down the tunnel from the boarding area to plane, I got hauled in to a small room and had my carry on dumped onto an inspection table.
If I had been carrying garrottes disguised as guitar strings I would probably still be there.

Dont wait too long. The listings are usually removed 48 hours pre-departure. There’s no such thing as true last minute any more.
I never had a problem checking in to a resort even when I booked 3 hours before take off. That was 3 years ago and they were expecting me at Lindamar.

I had a few requests for my binoculars. I took them, along with my ‘Birds of Cuba’ book on my last trip. People on the beach wanted me to trade for hand-crafted necklaces or bracelets. These were resort workers and members of the general public too. I’m sorry, but a pair of 8 x 40 Bausch & Lomb are worth a bit more than a coloured trinket. They didn’t care for the book at all.
I have found when you get to the resorts there are resort events I do not want to miss (ie pig roast). I’ve got to start going to your resorts.I have done some resort organized tours when there is something I don’t want to miss. Travelling solo allows flexibility but organizing a driver and any type of excursion becomes expensive if you’re not sharing.
Thanks John did you happen upon any interesting restaurants in town ? No, nothing interesting in town. Just Rapido.I did go to a licenced private casa for lobster. Between RL and Faro Luna. Excellent and cheap for all I got.
Theatro Terry Tomas has the dancers practicing their evening show in the afternoon and welcome spectators. Various craft shops, Outdoor bars for people watching, just walking around back streets looking at the renovations being done or needed.

Nothing special, just general interest.

Here is photo of Legendario Elixir from its website:

6.80 CUC in Cienfuegos. 7.50 in Santa Clara airport last week.

She did say something. My skills with cut & paste are lacking!At Rancho Luna last week, the place was about 60% Cuban guests. Many of them had bags to carry excess food for delivery to friends who were outside the gates of the place. The buffet ran out of food very quickly with no management oversight to prevent this.

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