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Those flight times suck! Holasun,( Cubana), has decent times to Holguin. I’m tempted..

I bought Cubita coffee bricks 230g, at the ‘Wholsale Club’ yesterday in Waterloo, On. 3/$10.

OK, as long as the carriers don’t charge for the total weight of the ticket holder and luggage. I have no problem keeping under the 20 kg and 5 kg luggage limits, like most people. BUT: I weigh 125kg plus clothes, and NOBODY wants to see me fly naked to save a few bucks.

Is this the official invitation for us, or shall we wait for the paper copy to come by post?

I pulled the trigger on Sol Rio de Luna y Mares. I have had this resort on my radar for many years. I will start packing my snorkel and diving gear tomorrow.

Please give a snorkel report when you return.

Its OK by me.
Customs is ok with Ipads too.

You just do what has to be done. Bad food? – eat something else. Air Transat loses your luggage on arrival in Puerto Plata? – Buy replacements and save the receipts. Then when they find your suitcase on the last day of the trip and say ‘Here it is, no compensation will be paid’, you have another souvenir.Flight delayed? – Go ahead and fly without the plane.You book in to a resort where the other 140 guests and all the resort staff only speak Italian? – Then I change resorts.

You just do what has to be done.

I take bed bug traps with me. If there is evidence of bugs, the luggage will spend the rest of the winter in the garage. So far, in 5 trips with traps, I’ve not found any. I wish I would have taken precautions 6 trips ago.
If you declared that you were importing pets at customs, would the guards confiscate all the critters?

He was likening a wedding to a Time Share, not saying the trip was a time share. Bingo!
monctonguy’s August trip to CSM sounds like a time share…Sign up once and you’re committed for the rest of your life unless you have a good lawyer and it will still cost you a bundle to get out of the contract.

I’m suspicious that the airlines will factor in the expected exchange rate and then add on their service charge, a handling charge, the anticipated extra costs and a profit margin.
My hero was H. Gordon Green, the Old Cynic. Anyone else remember him?

If you’re not going to use it, can you send it to my boss?

I had some assorted mix nuts in a zip lock bag and during my usual secondary inspection, the official told me if I had left it in the original package I eould have been allowed to keep it. Problem…

I own a bulk food store. The original package is a 50 pound box. After showing him my business card and trying to explain what a bulk food store is, he let me keep my nuts.

Are you still serious about me coming with you guys? Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not a big fan of Havana. I like the smaller towns & villages. And I think you and I are more compatible than Hubs and I. I think we’d be fighting all the time about who’ right & who’s wrong. I like to win. I would agree with you but then we would both be wrong.Benni: Have a great trip and blog here when you can. Mymrs and I would like to do the trip like you, but we are not conversant in Spanish. Maybe in 2 years. I found Cienfuegos to be an interesting city and will be returning there (someday).
Passport, cash, swimsuit,(one – its Cayo Largo), snacks to throw to the little ones at the turtle farm, duct tape and health insurance.Need to get in CL – cigar prices for Geoff, cigars for my drinking buddy, info for a thorough review, and a recharge. See you in a week.

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